Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Challenge is still on!!

Hey everyone. So far CarrieM is the only person who has agreed to take the challenge. So, there are actually 2 more slots open. Come on guys!! I wanna give some stuff away!!!

Speaking of giving stuff friend Deborah is having a contest on her blog. Check it out!!!

So, how was my weekend? Yesterday I met up with Saunielle for some Indian food and....

Pinkberry!! It was great!!! This is my caribbean creation. Original Pinkberry topped with pineapple, mango, and coconut. Sadly for people outside of the state, it is only sold in New York and California currently. But if anyone every takes a trip to the city, I can direct you to the closest one. I am starting to feel like I have visited all of them.

Here is my sock progres so far. I am working on some other stuff too. More to come soon, I promise. Question.. does it not look like a bikini now??? hehe!!!

Ok, so I was really happy that I was making progress..... then look at what I found??? A dropped stitch!!! AAARRGGHHH!!!!!! Don't you just love knitting socks??? My mom (non-knitter) was near me when I realized it and she says " Hmmm.. that's a lot to take out". Really??? Gee, I would have not even known that. Thanks mommy, for pointing that out. arrgghh!!!!! 2 socks at a time means two socks have to be tinked back at once, so you don't lose your place.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


For the first three people that reply to this post, and who re-post this challenge: you win!!! For your prize, I will send you a gift. It might be something I’ve made, or something cool from my hidden stash of fabulousity. It might be a mix CD, or a rubber duck, or a book I think you might enjoy. A love letter, a useful object, or something else that is awesome or maybe just taking up room in my house. Whatever it is, I promise I will get it to you in 365 days of your posted comment or less, and I will need your snail mail.The only thing you need to do to receive your gift is PARTICIPATE. Be one of the first three journalers to reply to this, (make sure I can contact you via e-mail) and post this very same thing in your journal, and YOU are the lucky giftee. Just ‘cuz.

I got this challenge via BajanKnit's blog. I want to say thanks to Two Cables N' A Frappe for linking it to her blog. Hehe!! I am also happy to connect with another Caribbean knitter. I know it's hot down there, but we still can knit cool stuff!!!
Knitting update! I am in love with Magic Loop. Why???

  1. It freaks out the nosy people on the train. The look of curiosity/astonishment/confusion on their faces it priceless.

  2. I get to do two socks at a time, and I don't have to worry about bamboo DPN's snapping in my pocketbook, or the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.

  3. This girl on the train said "Excuse me Miss....are you making a bikini??". Hmmmmm.... I am going to leave that one alone. Well, at least she was polite. Ahem... does this look like a bikini to you????

Have a knitterly wonderful day!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Learning curve.

Knitting and crochet is fun. Especially when you learn new skills.

I just finished the hat portion of the Glitter Alpaca Hat and Scarf Set for Deborah. The best part of it all.... it fits her perfectly, and She LOVES It. Here is a picture of her with it on.

Here is a closeup of the flower that I learned to make today. I really like it. Hmmmm... maybe I will make one to pin to my jacket or my hair. We will see.

But before that, I had to get right back to knitting. I casted on for a pair of Climbing Lace socks made with Lorna's Laces Bittersweet.

Can I just tell you how much I am loving this colorway???

This sock is very special to me, because it is my first attempt at Magic Loop, as well as Two-at-a-time socks. I have read the Two-at-a-time book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. However, it explains socks with the Cuff-down orientation. I am trying something totally different here with the Toe-Up version. I did the Magic 8 caston technique for the toes. I am currently still in the beginning stages, with many more increase rows to go. Deborah was right there next to me as I tried to get the first rows completed. 2 funny things happened.

  1. I knit the tail end instead of the working yarn for one turn, so I had to tink back the front and back of one sock, and the front of the other. The lesson I learned...Don't mess up, because you may just have to take out both socks. If I were working one at a time, I wouldn't have that problem. Then again, I would have the problem of SSS, and I am trying to challenge myself to make as many FO's as I can in the next 89 I don't need that disease slowing me down.

  2. I was yapping to Deborah, and I said "As long as I don't knit them together". I look down, and I see siamese socks. LOL!!! She could not stop laughing at me. As soon as I said it, I realized what I had done. I got so wrapped up in the knitting process, that I continued with one strand of yarn instead of switching to the next one. You think I could have paid attention to the colors??? Of course not. That was a classic moment.

Happy knitting everyone!! More updates later.

Temptation is calling.. I've been wanting you so bad I could cry!!!

OK, let's be real. I said that I would not buy yarn for 100 days, about 10 days ago. So, I am 10% closer to my goal, and I get my first bout of temptation.

It all started with my mom (the woman who doesn't want to learn to knit, but wants me to always knit stuff for people). Her coworker had a baby girl and moved out of the state. Another coworker will be visiting her in 2 weeks, so she asked me to make something to send with her. Since I have the 2-at-a-time sock book, I said "hey, why not?" I saw a nice pattern for baby socks in there, and I have been dying to open my Knitpicks needles, and learn the technique. Wait.. did I mention that I joined a secret sock swap and the sock must be completed by the end of April, and I have not cast on yet??

Anyway, back to the story. So, I decided to go to the Point before my mom came up with this yarn-buying excuse. If my memory serves me correctly, I though I saw the tickled pink colorway there, which would be perfect for the girl. My mom said that she would give me the money, so technically, I was allowed to buy it. I get there, and there is no tickled pink. :-(
I searched the store and found tofutsies in a nice pink color. Then I was told by all of the women in the store that knitting baby socks was pointless, and tofutsies would take forever on size 0's. So I just gave up the baby sock-knitting idea altogether. But I had this whole sour grapes emotion going on, because I didn't get what I wanted. Ahem... when I get pregnant, I am making matching socks for baby and mommy, dammit!!! Ok, I have vented, and I am calm now.

So, I stared back into the Lorna's Laces section. I fell in love with two colorways. Irving Park (I wanted to use that to make the Wicked sweater, but there was not enough yarn at Modern Yarn a few weeks ago, so I didn't buy it), and Hawaii (I just loved how the turquoise and purple played off of each other). On a side note, the father of the baby girl is from Hawaii. Anyway.... I was finding a million reasons to justify buying it. Then, I looked at the crochet hat that I was making for Deborah, and I just thought of what she would say if I broke my vow. So, I left yarnless. :-(

I drowned my sorrows in a large Pinkberry Yogurt treat.

I have another picture to show you. I bought a scale last weekend to help enable my two-at-a-time sock knitting. I love this scale because it tells time, and measures in both ounces and grams. Deborah's hat has a few more rows to go before completion. I hope I can start on those secret swap socks tomorrow.

So, I decided to make a baby hat with some leftover Cascade 220 Superwash that I have in my stash. Aren't you proud of me?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hooked on Glitter Alpaca

I decided to frog the hat from the previous post, and start all over again. This time, I followed the instructions properly. I would like to thank Chante for watching my every move and making sure that I did everything correctly. I am sure that Deborah is excited as well. So, here is my progress. I completed all of the increase rounds, with a perfect stitch count of 96. Woohoo!! So, now I just have to knit 6 rows as the pattern states, plus an extra 3 as per Deborah's request. She wants the hat to cover her ears, and I don't blame her. New York is still experiencing a little chill.

Also, I did a little shopping. I was trying to keep this a secret but I couldn't. I bought sock yarn from Seaport Yarn. A friend of mine had a negative experience there, and I told her that I would just look and for her sake, not buy... because I would vicariously hold her grudge for the malady that had occured in the past. But..... the yarn fumes swarmed me, and I couldn't breathe... the next thing I remember, I was leaving with a shopping bag. Sorry....I just couldn't control it. It was overbearing.

Acquerello, a new addition at the Seaport. Wait does that tag say 436 yards?? Do I see really high socks in my future that I can wear with my boots next winter? Any pattern ideas??? I am thinking "Queen of cups", but I feel that I may be able to get away with something a bit longer.

This is Raphael. I have been looking at him for a long time, and I just had to have him in my stash. Not sure what pattern he will be paired up with just yet, but I know that he is a keeper.

Next up, is my Knitpicks stash addition.

Since I bought the 2-at-a-time sock book, I figured that I would buy 40 inch circulars from sizes 0 to 3 just in case I have to make an emergency sock. I do have a lot of sock yarn in my stash, and need to get rid of it. I also got the needle tips in sizes that I was missing. One will be used for my Gathered Pullover once I decide to cast on (hurry up and get other sweater off of the cord).

Here are some more skeins of sock yarn. I plan on making some Jaywalkers. The pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry, since Magknits has ceased its operations. Thank GOD for Ravelry!!! The colorways are Mixed Berries and Firefighter.

I always wanted to make a variegated pink shawl. Now I have just the yarn to do it. Not sure what pattern it will be just yet. I love this colorway, and the fact that it was on clearance makes it even better.

Here is a blast from the past. My Central Park Hoodie #2 WIP. I am almost finished with the back. Just a few more rows to go before the shoulder shaping. I want to try to wear this before it gets too hot in New York. I know, it was supposed to be completed by last Thanksgiving, and I was on the monogamous knitting road for a while, but my Knitting GPS wasn't working, so I had to reset the battery. Now I am somewhat on track again.

So, the day I made my last yarn purchase was on April 2nd. I will attempt to go 100 days without buying yarn. My stash needs to be trimmed, and I don't feel like giving anything up, so I will be knitting like a fiend, as long as time permits. So far it has been 8 days. OMG!!! I feel like I am on one of those 12 step programs. LOL!!! How many FO's can I have in 100 days?? Let's see.

My new addiction is Pinkberry. My favorite concoction this week is original with pineapple, coconut, and mango. It remind me of fun times in Trinidad swirled with healthy goodness. I have made a knitting date with Saunielle to go to The Point this friday. Now, I feel as if no trip to The Point is complete without a short walk to Pinkberry. I can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guess who I met today??

Stephanie Pearl McPhee, otherwise known as the Yarn Harlot. She made us think today about how to finish the sentance "Knitters are......." I would have to say "a fun bunch". I had a blast today at the book signing.

I finished the I-Cord bindoff on the A-line baby dress, only to realize that in order to continue with it, I would have to have a very flexible Knitpicks circular needle, or some size 4 double points. The Boye kit that I have just wasn't doing the trick to get around those corners on the straps.Well, I had neither when I was outside of my house today, so I proceeded to crochet. Here is my progress on Deborah's hat.

Just a few more inches to go. But on the flip side, I have a little problem.

I knew it looked a little bit weird, because I have never seen a hat with those spaces, and it is BOTHERING me till no end. Chante was nice enough to point out that I have been crocheting wrong this whole time. And the pattern is not that is just a bunch of Double Crochet and Single Crochet stitches. So what's my beef??? The placement of 3 darn Chain stitches on each row. Chante explained that you are supposed to chain 3 for height, and then join it into the same stitch, continuing to work the round as usual. She tried to show me on another piece of a crochet project that she was working on, and I thought I got it.... but now I feel like a dummy because I still don't understand what to do. Deb, I am sorry that I am clueless to the operation of this confusing easy pattern. I even checked for an errata and found nothing.
Deborah expressed to me that she didn't want me to frog it, because she would just use it as a decorating element in the hat. But, it is still bothering me. So Deb, if you are truly not happy with it, I will take it out. Anyone else have an opinion that they would like to share?