Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nakniswemo neckline

Nakniswemo neckline
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This is just a quick picture to show everyone my progress. I have until 11:59 PM to get it all knitted. I have 11 more rows to go on the neckline. Then I have to pick up 128 stitches for each armhole, and knit 7 rows each. Let me just say. that having that interchangeable crochet hook from KnitPro has saved my arse.

More updates, and hopefully a completed photo before 11:59.

Until then..... goodnight!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knit Pro ...woohoo!

Knit Pro ...woohoo!
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I am so happy that everyone was really interested in the KnitPro Interchangeable Crochet hooks. I actually received them this past Saturday, and wanted to post a quick picture of what came in the package. It took exactly 14 days to get here, if anyone is thinking about purchasing them, and wondering how long it would take. I bought them from a British store, as opposed to an Australian one, because of the rate exchange. I was able to get 3 needles for the price of what I would have had to pay for 2 in the Australian store. I am such a bargain shopper, even if it's international.

Oh yeah, and the Gummy Trolls were eaten a long time ago.

The store is called Get Knitted.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaKniSweMo Update #2

I was just about to go to sleep (3:13AM), but I realized that I will be riding the train into the city tomorrow, and I needed to have my precious knitting with me.  In order to carry on with the design, it is about time that I added the steeks for the neckline.  So, before I did that, I decided to try it on, just to make sure that my waist shaping measurements actually fit my body correctly.  I had to add 22 rows to the pattern on a whole, because at the gauge that I am knitting with, it would have been 2.5 inches too short.   Who wants a Midriff Argyle Sweater when they want to look professional at work in their knitted attire?

So I put half the stitches on another needle, and put it over my Afro hair.  It was able to stretch over the massive mound of curls (Good sign)  Then I put my arms through.  No sound of ripping (Good sign).  Then I slid it down to my waist area.  I experienced normal average stretch that you get from a well measured sweater.  I was surprised that the Fair Isle was this stretchy. 

So, here is my sweater, up to the point of where I will add the steeks for the Deep-V neckline.  I am so excited about it.

So, according to my stitch calculations, the sweater is at 40% done.  I am going to have to do some serious catching up, but I am very hopeful still.  My main concern is the fear that I won't have enough black yarn.  EEEEEK!  We will see.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  40% looks more like 60% in this picture. 

I am also waiting on my Knit Pro Tunisian crochet hooks that I ordered from http://www.getknitted.com/ . These hooks will attach to my Knitpicks needle cable/wire and I can pick up stitches using the crochet hook.  My motto "Work smarter, not harder" .  So, the needles are coming from the UK, because although Knitpicks sells crochet hooks, they do not sell the interchangeable one.  Knitpicks are only allowed to send Knitpicks products in the US and Canada.  The KnitPro products are the exact same design as Knitpicks, just sold exclusively in Europe and Australia.  Why, why why????  I asked Knitpicks if they were going to addit to the list of products.  They kindly let me know that all of their customer's requests go into consideration.  We will see what happens.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaKniSweMo 2010 - Update #1

I must say that this sweater is taking me on a wild knitting journey.  But, I am loving every minute of it.  Here is a day-by-day account of my sweater progress.

Day 1 (1,610 Stitches) - I realized that I got a suitable gauge using the size 6 needle, and if I did the charted 42" pattern, it would coincide with the actual 34" sweater measurements.  So, I went ahead and casted on 200+ stitches. 

365.310 - NaKniSweMo 2010 - Day 1

Day 2 (2,070 more stitches) - I finally started the colorwork.  I'm so excited. 

NaKniSweMo Day 2

Day 3 (2,300 more stitches) - I am beginning to love this pattern.  I love the way that the fabric is beginning to shape up.  This yarn feels so soft.  I already started the waist shaping within the first 4 color rounds.

NaKniSweMo Day 3

Day 4 (2,860 more stitches) - I love the way the pattern looks.  I love the color contrast.  I am totally happy with my project.  Wait, is that a mistake I see?  Oh noooooooo!  I'm not ripping this thing out.  All that hard work!  Looks like I need to call in the doctor for a sweater surgery.

365.312 - NaKniSweMo Day 4


Tiny 2 row mistake

Ripping Back the Line of Stitches


Changing the Colors

Fixed the mistake

Post-Operation.  Whew!

Ta-daaaa !  Success!

The next day, I was happily knitting along on the train, and then I felt a jarring pain in my pointer finger.  Ouch!  It happened two more times, then I saw a slight trickle of blood.  Ok, It's time to put the knitting down for a moment.  This is getting a bit too crazy.  What?  Put the knitting down?  HELL NO.  This is NAKNISWEMO.  We don't give up so easily.  Looks like I will have to buy some rubber fingers tomorrow. 

365.313 - Knitting Injury
I know it's a small cut, but it hurts like hell. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Swatching Ugh!

The Face of Frustration. I am attempting to be a good girl and do a proper swatch for my NaKniSweMo Deep V Argyle Vest project.

The pattern calls for size 4 needles, and a DK weight yarn. I am using Shelridge Farm Softouch DKW. I know that this is supposed to be steeked, and this is a Superwash yarn. I fully intend to sew it before cutting the steeks.

So, using the size 4 needles, I get 32 stitches/4 inches instead of the recommended 22 stitches/4 inches. REALLY ???? Then, I decided to move up a needle size and see where that brings me. The size 5 needles give me 28 stitches/4 inches. That's when I got fed up and took this picture. When will I ever be able to start? The portion closest to my fingers is the size 5 swatch. I can see a considerable difference when I compare the two, but it still isn't enough.

So, I tried a size 6 needle, and that gave me 26 stitches/4 inches. Using this, I decided to go up to the size 42" measurements. 230 stitches casted on, divided by 6.5 is roughly 35 inches. Since my real measurements are 34 inches, I wouldn't mind having 1 extra inch of ease. That leaves room, just in case I want to have a big dinner, or a few desserts. Hehe! By the time I finish this sweater, Thanksgiving leftovers will have already been consumed.

So I casted on, and am officially moving forward with this sweaeter. FINALLY! Wish me luck, or better yet PRAY FOR ME.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ms. Raspberry Fudge Cocoa Plans

So, I am not sure how badly I have been saying this, but.....I LOVE COLORWORK! There, I've said it. The actual knitting part of my colorwork Chullo hat went by in a breeze. It's just my surgery for the earflaps that needs to be scheduled for a day in the near future.

So, being that I love colorwork now, and I have no idea why I never attempted to make a true Fair Isle garment before, I set out to plan my next project. I was also inspired by David Reidy's Sticks and String podcast where he talks about Fair Isle knitting, and even recommended two books that I just had to buy. So, without further adieu, I present to you my planned "baby" for whenever I finish my 10 in 2010 projects. Her name is Autumn Rose, and I am Christening her as Ms. Raspberry Fudge Cocoa.

Autumn Rose Picture Front

I have decided to make the color scheme Pink and Brown instead of Red and Gold.  Don't get me wrong.  I like the autumn colors.  But, I just love the pink and browns better.  Also, noone on ravelry has a sweater with my color scheme, which makes it all the more special.  I need to use Excel to chart out my colors.  Some genius decided to make the chart in the book white and gray.  As if colors didn't matter in a sweater that uses 11 different colors.  DUMB, DUMB. DUMB! I don't know if it was the pattern designer's fault, or the publisher's fault, but I think someone should have spoken up and said something before the book went to print.  ( My 2 cents - but really who am I?  Just a person who bought the book and wants to make something out of it, and have a reason to rant and rave about how wonderful it is)  Hmmmm... maybe they just want to make knitters evolve into Fair Isle pattern designers.  Hmmm.. then I could have someone buy one of my patterns one day.  We will see. 

365.307 - Knitpicks Mail Call!

So, aside from the Simply Shetland 4 at Tomales Bay book, I bought Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti, and Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting.  I have suddenly become interested in all the history and different techniques, and the best patterns to use for different body shapes etc, etc, etc.  I have a feeling that these two books will help me answer all of my questions.  It sure beats buying a pattern book with a DUMB portion of the pattern in it, that you are just supposed to guess.  OK, I am going to stop being so mean.

I have decided to join NaKniSweMo, since this is November, and I still have to cast on 1 sweater for my 10 in 2010 projects.  I have decided to make Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest.  I know it's not a full sweater, but here is my mathematical logic as to why I will still use it for NaKniSweMo.  The rules state that the sweater should be at least 50,000 stitches.  Upon my calculations, my vest is 39,587 stitches.  Now, if you were to divide 50,000 stitches into 30 days, that would equate to 1667 stitches per day.  That leaves me at a deficit of 6.25 days of knitting.  Therefore, if I start on Nov 7th, I should be ok right? That's a yes in my book.  It's time to swatch! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Sweater Progress - Chocolate Covered Orange Slice

Baby Sweater_2

It only took 2 episodes of Vampire Diaries and 1 train ride home to make it this far.  Now, let's see what tomorrow brings. I am having fun with this sweater. I also want to hurry up and finish it, so that I can get back to my Chullo hat.  It's frickin' cold outside, and I really want to wear my hat as quickly as possible. 

Also, I am making a concious effort to blog more often.  We have to celebrate the little daily victories in life with beautiful words.  Even, if it is just 2 baby sweater fronts and half a back, while the hat is waiting for attention.