Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knit Pro ...woohoo!

Knit Pro ...woohoo!
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I am so happy that everyone was really interested in the KnitPro Interchangeable Crochet hooks. I actually received them this past Saturday, and wanted to post a quick picture of what came in the package. It took exactly 14 days to get here, if anyone is thinking about purchasing them, and wondering how long it would take. I bought them from a British store, as opposed to an Australian one, because of the rate exchange. I was able to get 3 needles for the price of what I would have had to pay for 2 in the Australian store. I am such a bargain shopper, even if it's international.

Oh yeah, and the Gummy Trolls were eaten a long time ago.

The store is called Get Knitted.

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