Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Singing Knitter!!

They say that when you work on one talent, you begin to obtain many more. Around the time that I learned to knit and crochet (Age 10), I also realized that I love to sing. That talent has never left me. Apparently I have some friends that love to play music as well.

Here is some footage from our performance at Solomon's Porch in the BedStuy section of Brooklyn, on April 28th. The male lead singer is R'Kardo, background vocals by Greg and Kira from "The Bridge", guitar by Thierry Remion, keyboard by Shawn Keys, and percussion by Daniel Gould.


Come Over

Where is the Love?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fiber Fix

On Friday, I woke up to this lovely sight.
I received my package from The Fiber Fix. They have MMMMMmmalabrigo on sale!! Woohoo!!
I ordered Stonechat Worsted to make Springtime Bandit. I ordered Solis to make Ishbel. After I saw Sharon's, I fell in love. I decided on the Solis Colorway because I wanted it to match a jacket that I have.
So, before I go on about my knitting I just want to talk about Vanessa from the Fiber Fix. A little over a year ago, she became my Ravelry Buddy because she had a few questions about the Central Park Hoodie. She has since made a second one from the top down. She has somehow figured out the secret to converting bottom-up patterns to top-down. She has also made a top-down Vaila that is awesome. So, now a year later, she has opened an online yarn store. Her customer service is amazing and she goes above and beyond to ensure that her customers are happy. I was confused about which color would match my jacket. She sent me a picture of the skeins that she had and let me choose the exact skein that I wanted. It is a perfect match! I also got my yarn in 3 days. The Fiber Fix is awesome. She also let me in on a little secret. She will have a few more yarn brands appearing soon that are just as delicious as Malabrigo. But, I am sorry. I can't divulge the information. I have been sworn to secrecy. So, you will just have to visit the site to check it out. Haha!!

As for my Sock Madness socks, it was brought to my attention that I did the wrong cuff. I did a K2P2 when the directions clearly stated K1tbl, P1. I must have been really tired. So, I had to redo it on Friday. Arrgghh!!! Thankfully I kept my spot in the competition.

I was also able to finish the Peapod Baby Sweater in time for the baby Shower. I made the hat the day of the shower. The shower started at 5. I showed up at 6:15. The mommy-to-be showed up at 6:45. Whew!! That was a close one. She absolutely loved the outfit! She said that she knew she had to get something handmade from me.

Here is a picture of the hot mama!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

4 DAYS!!!

I completed the Talia's Wing Sock Madness Round 3 sock in 4 days. I am the 7th person in my division to complete it. 12 out of 20 press on, so I have made it through to round 4.

Here are my lovely socks. They are made out of Colinette Jitterbug "FIRE".

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An angel wing caught in a WEB!!!

Sock Madness 3 is in full swing, and I have made it through to the third round. The name of this pattern is Talia's Wings (Ravelry link) . I am using Colinette Jitterbug in the FIRE colorway. The pattern calls for size 1 (2.5mm) needles for this project.

I am a bit on the fence about this pattern. When I first got it in my mailbox and saw that it was toe-up, I was super excited. I like to try on as I go along because it is very gratifying. However, I have been on Ravelry all day yesterday and minute after minute mistakes in the pattern were being discussed in the group. There were a bunch of silly things that could have been fixed if the pattern was thoroughly proofread. For example, what was in the written instructions did not match what was illustrated on the chart. What is up with that?

What makes it worse is, that the pattern had a test knitter. Doesn't that mean that the kinks should be worked out? At this stage of the game, there are 20 people in each of 4 divisions. Only the 12 people who finish first in each division will carry on to round 4. So, that means that the pattern designers had at least 1 month extra than the Round 1 designer. So, why all the mistakes? We are supposed to be running neck and neck in this competition and knitting to the finish. Not stopping a nd ripping back, and being confused about important directions. Arrgghhh!! Whar would have happened if I had not seen the Errata on ravelry? What if I didn't have a chance to log on to the internet? OK... I just had to get that out.

I still think that the pattern is gorgeous. It is just that the execution needed a little more fine tuning when it came to writing it down. That said, here is my progress as of this morning. I finished 1 pattern repeat on the foot. 2 at a time magic loop, baby!

I also made progress on the Peapod Baby sweater. I completed the sweater portion, and just have to sew the shoulders and add a neckline. I also started doing the sleeves, and am about halfway done. But, this sweater has to be put on pause so that I can continue with sock madness. Will is be done in time for the baby shower this weekend? We will see. I also have to do the hat to match. EEK!!! Well, at least I have enough yarn.

So, in other knitting news..... I went to WEBS this past Saturday. I went with Tawana as well as a few friends from the Park Slope Knitting Circle (Liza, Marci. Katherine, and Shannyn). We had such a blast. When I walked in the store I took a deep breath... the I got an instant headache, because I wanted it all and didn't know where to start. LOL!! It was very overwhelming.

I ended up buying some Malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red, Cascade Eco + in a Burgandy color, Filatura Di Crosi Zara in Raspberry, 2 skeins of Austermann Step, and a discontinued Rowan Cashsoft DK. Everything was in the pink/purple/red family. Don't worry.. I have plans for all of these yarns.

  • Malabrigo Sock will become the Ishbel Shawl or a pair of socks from Cookie A.'s book
  • Cascade Eco + will become a Sylvi from Twist Collective
  • Zara will become Shirley Paden's Interlocking Cables pattern
  • Rowan Cashsoft DK is an extra skein bought for my in-progress Snuggle sweater
  • Austermann Step... I just wanted those and the were on sale. I suspect they will become Cookie A. socks.

So, Sunday I look at my receipt and see that the 25% discount that I received didn't include the Cascade Eco+. Apparently, some of the colors were on sale, and had no further discount, but these skeins I picked up were full price. So, I called WEBS on Monday, and the Customer Service rep was able to look my receipt up in the computer, comfirm that my skeins of yarn were actually discountable, and he credited me back the difference to my card. WOW!! Great Customer Service!

OK, enough of me talking. Here are some pictures from WEBS.

Just walked through the door

Malabrigo Sock and Silky Merino display (I scooped up the last Tiziano Red on display, hence the empty rack next to the Terracotta)
View of the back of store near the warehouse entrance

Warehouse views

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tokena Complete!!

I have been finished with the Tokena Socks since the 10th, which makes this a record for me. I finished a pair of socks in 6 days. Yes, less than a week. I think I need some ice cream to celebrate!! Here is a nice picture as I am attempting to "Sous-sus" and balance on the stairs at the same time. Well, It's not exactly 5th position ballet, but I had to prevent myself from falling. It's been over 10 years.. LOL!!

Now, there is a slight boo-boo in these socks. The pattern said to decrease the toe until there were 8 stitches on each needle. I did that. However, the pattern was written for 4 needles, not magic loop. Ooops!! So, my socks have pointy toes. Well it's a good thing that I have pointy feet. Also, one side is a bit more snug than the other, but I am just glad they fit my skinny ankles perfectly. Yippee!! Oh Yeah... I see the hole by the gusset. Do we really have to acknowledge that??? Cuz.. I know I said I saw it, but I don't really see it. LOL!! The colorwork was a lot of fun, and I am so happy that I conquered it. It is truly much easier than it looks.

And remember the lovely Peapod Baby Sweater that I started? Here it is. I am almost at the point where I have to separate for the sleeves/arms.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sock 1 of Tokena done!

I finished Sock #1 of Round 2 last night. I really like this sock. The colorwork is gorgeous, and when I look at it I say "I can't believe I did it". This sock goes by really fast. I knit 1 side in 3 days, and had interruptions. You know..... family, friends visiting, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So, I have already casted on for sock #2, and made it halfway through the ribbing. Here is a picture of the completed sock.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making progress in Round 2

I am happily making progress on my Sock Madness Round 2 socks. The name of the pattern is Tokena. Here are some progress pictures.



Beginning Heel flap

I just want to say that I love this pattern. The colorwork is a lot easier than I thought it would be. So, why have I never tried this before??? Geez!!! More updates tomorrow.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little splurge!!

The Point yarn shop had a sale to celebrate it's 4th year of existence. I decided to have a look around, since I was missing one of the suggested yarns for Sock Madness. Initially we were given a list of 7 different yarn specs, so that we can get an idea as to what the test pattern was knit with and substitute. The trick is, we don't know which round each pattern will be. There was a pattern that called for 2 contrasting solids and it was made with Louet Gems. So, after looking through my stash and seeing that only had variegated and stripey sock yarn, I set out on a journey.

As soon as I asked the lovely salesperson about sock yarn, she said "We have a few skeins of Malabrigo left". I think that is knitting terminology for "I Love you, and I know you will love me back". I picked up 3, as they were all 20% off. The colors are Boticelli Red and Chocolate Amargo. Technically, it is enough to make 3 pairs of socks. The pattern specs call for 185 yards of each color and with Malabrigo I have 440 to spare. So, what will I make with the leftover Boticelli Red? I have always wanted a pair of Lissajous socks. Yippee!!! When I got home, I saw the post on Ravelry stating that the round 2 pattern would need "2 contrasting solids". Hmmm.....did I have a premonition??

So, back to the Point. I told the lovely saleswoman about my Sock Madness, and she said "Did you know Cookie A's pattern book is out?". Hmmm....I didn't now that. I have been out of the country and out of the loop for a whole month. They don't have Cookie A. books in Trinidad. LOL!! The book is awesome. She focuses on designing your own socks, as well as gives some really gorgeous patterns. So, yeah it ended up coming home with me.

Lastly, my best friend is having her very first baby. I was there for her mini arguments with her boyfriend, I was there when he apologized, I was there when he proposed, I was there at the wedding, hooked them up with a hotel for the Honeymoon. So, I have to make something for the little bun in her oven. However, I don't know if it will be a boy or girl. Sigh..... "We are painting the baby room green and yellow", she says. I said "How do you expect me to make something for the baby when I don't even know what color to choose?" ARRGGHHH!!!

So, I saw some Debbie Bliss Superwash Rialto in Brown for 30% off. I am adding some green bird buttons to the sweater. Boy or girl, the baby will wear it. I am making the 12 month size. These babies grow so quickly. It will technically be 6 months in the fall, but I am leaving some "just in case this baby grows too fast" room. Oh yeah, and I have to finish this sweater before the 25th. Here are some pics of the beginning of it. It is going to be a Peapod Baby Set, I swear. LOL!!! Oh, the pattern isn't available online anymore. Luckily I had a copy of it from the last time I made it, about 1 and a half years ago. (Deb thanks for helping me out as well)

Here are some pics.
It's gonna be a sweater, I swear!!

Yarn Sale!!!