Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Favorite Socks - Embossed leaves (part 1)

I just wanted to post pictures of my new travel knitting project. Once again, sorry for the unclear photo. My budget has not allowed me to replace the dead camera yet. I am still trying to hold off on the credit card usage. So, we are still using the camera phone.
One day last week, I decided to go through all of my loose pennies, and take them to the Coinstar machine. I received an Amazon gift certificate for $29.37. So, I decided to treat myself with my newfound "wealth" to some books. One of which was Interweave's Favorite Socks. Here is my progress on the Embossed leaves pattern, using Colinette Jitterbug yarn (from my stash) in the Marble colorway, and Knitpicks Options size 1 circular needles. This is about 2 16-row pattern repeats into the pattern. They are coming out very nice. The pattern is easy to follow, and it is knitting up quickly.
I also bought Knit2Together, and Fitted Knits. I should be joining the Fitted Knits KAL once I decide which cute sweater I want to make first. I joined the Favorite Socks KAL, but am still waiting for my sign-up verification email.
Also, I wanted to show off some stitch markers that I made for my swapbot partner Deb, now that she has finally received them.
I am so glad that she is really enjoying them. Deb is a professional chef, as you can see on her blog, so I thought it was fitting that her stitch markers reflect that with the utensils attached. The others are just some smaller ones I made to use for her socks, since she belongs to many sock yarn clubs. I know that they will come in handy.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last Minute Finished Object!!

Today is the day that my friend Beverly is having a baby shower. So, last night I gave myself a challenge. I have been thinking anout making a baby hat for her boy who will be here soon. However, I didn't have a pattern to suit the yarn I wanted to use. I decided to use my SWS (soy Wool Stripes) yarn that I acquired from the Yarn Harlot's booksigning. I used a pattern from "Knitting 2007 Pattern-A-Day Calendar called "Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch Hat". I like that name because I hate swatching, and frankly, I had no time to do so. Also, it is a top-down pattern, so that makes it easier to see what I am doing as I go along, especially with the color variations. So i followed the directions for the crow, and then invented the rest of it.
I was working on it last night, and finished the crown, and about two inches of the "body". This morning I did one more inch, and added an inch of ribbing for elasticity and design. I sure hope Bev's baby likes it, because I really do. I used size 8 DPN's for the crown and body, and size 5 DNP's for the ribbing. I know I should have used size 6, but I don't have those, and the hat was too small to put on a 16 inch circular. I increased the hat to 72 stitches, knitted 3 inches in stockinette, and ribbed 1 inch, and bound off the hat using the size 8 needles. This was a quick and easy knit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stitch Marker - Better Picture

I want to personally thank Deborah for being my photographer today. Here are the super-gorgeous stich markers that my swap partner Carrie made for me. Finally, a clear picture, as promised. I just love the little touch of "bling" on the beads. Haha!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I Feel Soooo Special!!! Stitch Markers Galore!!!

So, this past weekend, I decided to practice maing some more stitch markers, and made some for Deborah while I was at her house, taking a break from knitting. (Stupid me forgot my extra skein of yarn home) Anyway, You can view the pics on her blog, since my camera is still dead. :-(

I was feeling all confident that I have mastered the art of making stitch markers with just wire and beads, and decided to go to the fashion district to pick out some beads and charms for my Stitch Marker Swap partner. I went from store to store, and found exactly what I was looking for at the last one. I will reveal who she is after she receives her treat. Not sure if she reads my blog regularly, and want to keep the mystery about myself.

So, I get home from the city, and what do I see in my mailbox? My Stitch Marker Swap package. Yippee!!! I thought it would be a little box, but this thing had some weight to it. So, before I show off the goods I must thank Carrie from Annandale, VA for sending such a glorious package. She has instantly become my new best friend. Hey long-time friends, don't get jealous. Everybody needs a little love!!!

I must also apologize that the picture quality sucks. Y'all know my situation, and I just don't have the energy to fumble with photoshop tonight.
So, without further adieu......
The package included some pink stationary (not pictured), Pink tape measure (perfect cuz I am always losing mine and bugging Deborah for hers), a Pink Sharpie highlighter (so I can keep my place in my patterns), a Pink lipstick case (to keep my knicknacks, or so my pout is always diva-licious), a needle gauge, and Pink heart shaped post-its. This is perfect because I hate writing in my pattern magazines, but I stick Post-It's EVERYWHERE!!.

Okay, so Carrie has officially spoiled me rotten. The swap called for 5 stitch markers to be swapped, and she sent a whopping 15. I think she just got "Carried away" (hehe) with the fun in making the stitch markers. Beading can get really addicting. I know for a fact, since it is another one of my passions. More on that later.
The picture really does this no justice. I will be sure to re-post once I have a camera that has a decent megapixel quality. The beads are frosted cubes and discs with pink crystals embedded in them, as well as some pink crystal cubes, and I absolutely love the clear glass beads that look like they have pink flowers floating in them. These are going to come in very handy when I start my second (PINK) Central Park Hoodie. I especially love the fact that I have stitch markers for both regular and Chunky needle sizes. So, when I make my Twinkle Bobbled Tunic, I am covered as well. Oooohhhh I am so excited!!!

Carrie, I must say that you did an absolutely stunning job on the stitch markers. They don't look like a "first timer" project. I am impressed and blown away. And to top it off, I have been looking everywhere for those types of rings and can't find them. That is why I have forced... ahem, ...I mean taught myself to make them with wire. Can you take me to your supplier???

Sunday, September 9, 2007

There is a contest brewing!!!

I just joined this contest, and wanted to spread the word. It is for a 10 skein lot of Rowanspun 4 ply yarn. Looks really yummy. The colorway is "Sludge", which looks great for winter knitting. Here is the link to Beckyknitstoo's blog. If you are interested in joining the contest, enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still a wreck..without the camera..but full of desperation

I decided to attempt to take some pictures of the yarn with my Palm Treo Camera Phone. Considering that this phone has no flash, I had to instantly become a Photoshop genius to fix the color balance in the picture. So, here is my stash.
Noro Silk Garden Lite - This image is very close to the real color.
My new addition to the stash... Araucania Naturewool in Fuschia. This will be used to make my second Central Park Hoodie. This picture does the yarn no justice, sorry. It is really more on the Pink side. I attempted to use the kitchen light and the light from under the range, but it still was not enough. Nice blender, eh? Maybe I should make a berry smoothie..cuz that is what this yarn looks like to me.
I guess I need more practice with the photoshop genius thing. Well, I like knitting more, so I could get "Knitting Genius" status much quicker...hehe!!!

More WIP updates to come. I am contemplating making a quick baby hat and bootie set. Hmmm... let me see what's in my stash, and we can go from there. No baby A-cry-lyuk whatsoever. I refuse!!! Question....isn't it funny that the work CRY is in aCRYlic? Makes you wanna go hmmmm....

Monday, September 3, 2007

I am a wreck without my Camera!!!

I went to Knit New York to look for some laceweight on Friday, so that I will be prepared to start my "Secret of the Stole" Shawl. On my way there, Saunielle calls me, and mentions to me that they do not have any laceweight yarn in stock. However, I am such a fiend, that I went anyway.

One of the saleswomen was just so nice, and I saw this Noro Silk Garden in a bin, and it was PINK !!! I really didn't intend on buying it, because it was not laceweight, and I already have so much projects going on...but I figured, why not have another hat? You can never have too many hats. And, it is silk mixed with wool, so that means it will be less wear and tear on the hairline, which equals no breakage. Hey, a diva has to always take care of the mane... LOL!!! So then I rationalized that $25 is not a ba deal for a one-of-a-kind hat that noone else will have. And it became part of my stash. Shoot.. didn't I say that I wasn't going to buy anything till Rhinebeck? What is wrong with me?

So, I decided that I would update my blog on Sunday, with all of the nice pictures. My mom takes the camera to a fete (Trinidadian party) on Saturday night, and she tries to take a picture, and someone standing next to her threw their hands up in excitement about what was happening on the stage. 2 seconds later, the camera is on the floor. When she tries to turn it on, the lens is stuck midway. The screen does not show anything but error code "E18". So, we have no Camera. I am soooo pissed, because that was her Christmas present from 2 years ago, and I bought it during the Transit strike in New York City. So, all of the hell and high water I went through was in vain, because we have no camera now.

I feel very lost. You don't realize how much something really means to you, until it is lost. So, I am sorry, but there are no Noro pictures, and no CPH pictures for everyone to see. I can't even update Ravelry. :-( I am going to check out the Labor Day deals at Circuit City, and MAYBE suck it up and put it on a Credit card, although they should really be used for emergencies only. But does this count as an emergency? My heart is breaking. Oh, and I will make sure that I get the protection plan that covers you if it is dropped....for at least 2 years.