Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rhinebeck Sweater Progress

Let me reiterate how important it is to thoroughly read the directions. 

I misread the instructions and thought I had to knit 7 inches before starting the waist shaping. 
However, when I thoroughly read the instructions, it really said 7cm / 2.5 inches. This was so devastating. I had to rip it all out. 

So, instead of crying about it, I quickly took the needle out and ripped. 
I decided to catch up on 2 seasons of Nurse Jackie over the weekend. So, that brought me to the point where I had 2 more waist shaping increases to go. 

I'm now making positive progress. 

This morning, I started the ribbing. Woohooooooo!!!

Here is the front 

Here is the back. 
Next up....the hood and buttonband. 

How are your sweaters coming along??? 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rhinebeck - A Month Away

A month from today, I will be hitting the road with my knitting divas and heading to Rhinebeck. We plan on spending the whole weekend surrounded by yarn fumes and much more. So, how is my sweater coming along??? 

During Labor Day weekend, I was unable to sit still long enough to knit. I spent the time catching up with friends and going to various social events. At this point, I had completed the upper back portion of my sweater. 

Last week, I got a serious allergy / sinus attack and had to stay home for 2 days on doctor's orders. My nose was stuffy, and head was groggy. I slept through rounds of medication, and then there was a period of insomnia. That's when my hands got busy. I worked on the left and right sides, picking up the stitches from the shoulders. 
After completing the armhole increases, I joined the front to the back. 

I am now working down the rest of the length of the body of the sweater. 

I'm currently 2 inches away from the waist shaping decreases. 

Aside from knitting, I've started thestress relieving activity of coloring. I recently bought gel pens and colored pencils. I also have acquired a bunch of coloring books. I have no idea how they got to my house, I swear. Lol. 

Here is my favorite Mandala with neon gel pens. 

My knitting group has enabled me, and now I am addicted to coloring. 

Happy knitting and coloring everyone!!!