Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rhinebeck Sweater Progress

Let me reiterate how important it is to thoroughly read the directions. 

I misread the instructions and thought I had to knit 7 inches before starting the waist shaping. 
However, when I thoroughly read the instructions, it really said 7cm / 2.5 inches. This was so devastating. I had to rip it all out. 

So, instead of crying about it, I quickly took the needle out and ripped. 
I decided to catch up on 2 seasons of Nurse Jackie over the weekend. So, that brought me to the point where I had 2 more waist shaping increases to go. 

I'm now making positive progress. 

This morning, I started the ribbing. Woohooooooo!!!

Here is the front 

Here is the back. 
Next up....the hood and buttonband. 

How are your sweaters coming along??? 

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