Friday, February 9, 2007

Ariel's Cable Hat

This hat was made especially for my cousin's 1-year old daughter Ariel.

I made it using Lion Brand's WoolEase, and size 8 needles. The hat has a circumference of 18 inches, so I casted on 72 stitches, and worked from there. I used a 6-stitch cable that crosses to the left (needle held in front) with 3 purl stitches between each cable section.

This was my first attempt to make a cabled hat, and I am very happy with the end result. Ariel, I hope you love it. Mommy, don't worry... Wool ease is Machine Washable, so she can play in it as much as she wants. We all know how messy kids can be.

(Picture of Ariel wearing the hat coming soon)

Central Park Hoodie Progress

So, you must be wondering what's going on with that Central Park Hoodie??? Well, Making 4 hats in between the time I started the hoodie has set ma back a bit, but now that I have cleared those tasks off of my list, I can focus on finishing my sweater. Here is the play by play.

I am using Cascade 220 yarn in this beatiful teal color because I found it to be softer than the Donegal tweed that the pattern originally called for, there were more skeins of this particular color at my yarn shop (Knit-A-Way of Brooklyn), the price was cheaper than the Donegal Tweed, and the owner special ordered the remaining skeins that I needed. When you are working with a budget, you are always mindful of cutting costs. And having a really nice yarn shop owner is also a plus..(Cita, you Rock ....uh did I spell your name right... well for those of you in blog land, her name is pronounced Cee-Tah!!!) There have been no modifications made to the pattern, and I am doing the 36 inch pattern size, since I wear a small. I actually want it to fit close, and true to size.

Here is my swatch. I think the row gauge may be off by two more rows, but since the pattern requests knitting to a certain length, I don't think it will be a problem.

This is the lower ribbed portion of the back of the sweater. Knitted using size 6 needles - 26 rows - 4 inches

I then changed to size 8 needles to knit the rest of the back, and begin the cables, which I must say, for my first attempt, are coming out quite nice. Week #1

This is about 60 rows of cables. A few more rows, and I start the arm shaping. This picture shows the true color of the yarn, with natural light. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color. Week #2

Week #3- More to come. I have to catch a ten hour flight before the week is over, so I am sure that I will be bringing back a lot more pictures from my trip. Hey, I may even finish the whole sweater. Stay tuned.

Hat for CancerCare's Knit-Out

On December 2nd, CancerCare held it's 4th Annual Knit-out, and encouraged knitters to use their creativity in creating a special hat for a patient. They asked me to take a kit home, and complete a second hat, and I graciously accepted, because I was so excited about the idea. Time progressed, and it is now February. So, I made this motif just in time for Valentine's Day. The hat has been shipped to their headquarters, and I hope that the person who recieves it will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

This hat was made using 2 skeins of Filatura Di Crosa's "Primo" yarn, which is 100% Merino wool, and is machine washable. The needle size is 9, with a gauge of 4 stitches per inch. I started with a 16 inch circular, then used bamboo double pointed needles to close the top. There is a Fair Isle section in the middle of this hat. It is wise to ease up on the yarn's tension during this portion, so the yarn does not get bunched up. It has been said that doing Fair Isle in the round is impossible. Well, I just did it, so there you go. I like to break the "rules".

The design of this hat was created by yours truly. Here it is.

MC = Red CC =White.
Using MC, cast on 76 Stitches using the longtail cast on.
K2 P2* for 8 rounds
Continue using MC, and knit 2 more rounds
Using CC, knit 10 rounds even
Using MC, knit 2 rounds even
Using CC, knit 2 rounds even

Begin pattern.
Pattern Ruond 1 -K3 (CC), K1(MC)*
Pattern Round 2 -Knit the whole round using CC
Pattern Round 3 - K1(CC), (K1(MC), K3(CC))* - Repeat * until the end of the round
Pattern Round 4 - Knit the whole round using CC
Pattern Round 5 - K3 (CC), K1(MC)*
Using CC, Knit 2 rounds
Using MC, Knit 2 rounds
Using CC, Knit 10 rounds

Begin Decreasing

  1. Using MC, K17, K2tog*. (This will decrease this round by 4 stitches, making it easier to decrease the top of the hat symetrically)
  2. Knit the next round even. (72 sts)
  3. K6, K2tog *
  4. Knit whole round (63 sts)
  5. K5, K2tog*
  6. Knit whole round (54 sts)
  7. K4, K2tog*
  8. Knit whole round (45 sts)
  9. K3, K2tog*
  10. Knit whole round (36 sts)
  11. K2, K2tog*
  12. Knit whole round (27 sts)
  13. K1, K2tog*
  14. Knit whole round (18 sts)
  15. K2tog* (9 sts)
  16. K2 tog (4 times)

5 stitches remain. Break yarn, and draw through loops.

Weave in loose ends.