Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy-day Knitting

I started making a secret project last Thursday, during the rain. I continued all weekend while it was raining outside. I finished the project yesterday. However, I have to wait until next week to show it to you. I don't want the intended recipient to find it on my blog. I will say that it is soft, gorgeous, and uses 1 skein of yarn. There was this much left after the ends were weaved in. Just enough to hold some live stitches on a future project, huh?

I am planning on making a second one for me!! Good thing I bought a second "just-in-case" skein. "Just in case I need more yarn" turned into "just in case I need to make a second one because I want to keep it". Haha!!

In other knitting news... I tried on my Wicked, and I feel like I need to add 1 more inch to the body before I add the pocket. Also, I missed a stitch while knitting the sleeves, (darn DPN's) so I have to rip back about 1 inch. This sweater is so easy, and really should be finished already. ARRGGHH!!!! Wicked mistakes all around.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've been MEME'D!!! - Twice!!

I got Meme'd by Vanessa first, and since I took too long to answer it Hope sent me the same Meme. I love both of you ladies, but I am only going to post the answer once. Hehe!! Here goes!!

The rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged me
2) Mention the rules
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself
4) Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged
The meme:

1- I am an avid collector of shotglasses, and get them anytime I travel to a new location. However, I have never drank any shots from them, because I am more of an occasional wine sipper. So, why do I keep buying them?

2- My favorite color is pink, as you all know. When I was little I wouldn't dare drink any milk unless it was pink (Strawberry Quik).

3- Now, as an adult I cannot drink milk from a carton or plastic cup. It must be in a glass with ice.

4 - I hate apple juice. When I was 2 I had open heart surgery, and another right before kindergarden. I distinctly remember them giving me a pill with apple juice in a plastic cup. Since then, I can't even stand the smell of it. But I like apples, apple pie, apple turnovers, hot cider, and applesauce.

5- I have a fear of bugs crawling into my ears when I sleep, so if there is so much as a fly that enters my house in the summer, I will hunt it down and kill it before I go to bed. Hairspray is my weapon of choice.

6 - I sing with a band, and am not really nervous to perform in front of a crowd of strangers. But if 2 of my close friends ask me to sing on the spot, I get extremely nervous.

So, I am tagging these beautiful blog friends.

So, you must be wondering if there has been any knitting going on. The answer is yes!! Any FO's ? Sorry.. not this time.

I am still working on my sleeves for Wicked. They are just taking forever. Right now, it is not picture-worthy because it doesn't look much different from the last time.

I managed to redo my sleeves for Hey Teach, and they actually look like they will fit properly. Yay!!

Look at how nice the pattern is coming out. Yay!!
I also started something today, but it's a secret. Shhhh!!! It's a bit lacey, and I like it. I just may have to make a second one for me. Oh!! And I made those stitch markers too. There is no secret in that. LOL!! This picture is supposed to be turned the other way, but blogger has a mind of it's own sometimes.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Ideas

So, a lot has been going on in the past week. I have added more projects to my queue, well at least in my head.. and one more in reality. I will start with the most recent things first.

Yesterday, I bought the Fall 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting and the Fall/Winter 2008 Debbie Bliss magazine. I want to make the Druid Mittens, because they are soooo cute, and I want to make the cabled Beret from the Debbie Bliss mag. That will be my winter ensamble, along with a neck cowl that I will be making out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran. See?? Functional buys!! Silk is not so harsh on your hair as wool is, so there will be less breakage. And since I did the big chop, I need to save as much hair around my hairline as possible. I think the hat will be perfect, as long as I flop it to the correct side. Hehe!!

I went to Seaport Yarn, and Purchased my Stitch N Pitch Tickets, and this is all the nice things that came in my goody bag.
I was surprised to see nice yarns such as the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, the Punto Del Este sample, and the Artyarns Ultramerino added to the bunch this year. I also love the buttons, and the SOAK. However, since the Debbie Bliss Yarn is only 97 yards, I had to go back to buy another skein to make my cowl... and now I will need 4 more skeins for the Cabled Beret. See how they get ya???

I thought this was so funny. Here is a picture of Tawana's daughter KJ with Anne-Marie during our Sit N Knit in Central Park this past Saturday. I laughed till I cried. KJ tried to kiss her, which turned into eating her face.. haha!! It was so cute. Sorry for the slight blur, but it was comedy in action. Haha!!
Here is another picture of KJ just smiling. This baby is so adorable. We are going to turn her into a knitter before she learns how to walk. Haha!!

So as far as my knitting content goes, I started the Hey Teach sweater as a break from the monotonous stockinette on my Wicked. I actually devised a way to turn the short sleeves into a long sleeve, and wanted to try out my design ideas. I am using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease that I bought at AC Moore for about $4.99 a skein. The stitch pattern is very lovely. However, my first try at the sleeve was a little BIG. Haha!! Well, you live and you learn. I have since frogged that portion, and started over using about 10 less stitches in the cast-on. I have recalculated the increases. More updates on the progress to follow.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I just took this quiz!! Hilarious. And here are my results.

72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Well, it is raining in New York right now. I just took a cab home from work, and felt really sorry for the driver. He had to drive on the highway at about 30MPH because the road was so insuffrably difficult to see. Aside from that, noone in their right mind could even drive in the fast lane, because their car would hydroplane in 2.5 seconds. Mother nature again proving that she cannot be touched.
So, my plans for tomorrow.....
1. Do laundry (the washing machine just got fixed.. thank God)
2. Organize the clothes closet, which also houses the yarn stash... hehe!!
3. Knit up a storm. I have a sweater to finish, and some gift projects to get started on.
4. Maybe I'll design some more jewelry while I am in the creative mood.

Well, I will have more knitting pics to show when the weekend is over. Now, I am on the hunt for more patterns.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Birthday Gift!!

I am so spoiled. Look at what came in the mail today?

Chicagopurl has officially spoiled me.

I've gotten a pencil case that I will use for my little knicknacks. A Starbucks card, and Stitch holders.
2 skeins of Interlacements Tiny Toes in the "Grape Harveast" colorway. 2 skeins of Knitpicks Essential Sock yarn in the "Riviera Multi" colorway. Handmade soap.. mmmm.. smells delicious.

Knitpicks needles for magic looping my socks, Crochet hooks, Rice Krispie Treats (my favorite), gel pens!!
Grapefruit scented Eucalan, a diary, post-its and a notepad.

This gorgeous, gorgeous bag big enough to hold everything. It is huge, and sooo cute.

And this cute Starbucks mug. It is super-duper sized.

Here are all my goodies altogether. Thank you so much!! I feel so special. She went all out to send me a special, memorable gift and I am extremely grateful for it. All I could say was "WOW" everytime I opened something. Then the oohs and aahs came, and the high pitched voice. Haha!! Now, y'all know my favorite color is pink, but I have decided to branch out of that for a minute because all of my stuff seems to be monochromatic. I mentioned I like Teal, and she just took it and ran with it. I love everything. I don't care if it got here in September. What matters most is the thought and love that was sent in the package.

I spoke to Chicagopurl on the phone when I received my package, and realized how special long distance friends are. The "girl talk" started immediately and it felt really good to speak to a woman who is a little older and wiser, yet has such a young, fun-loving spirit. She has encouraged me to keep on doing all those things that make me happy, and to keep reaching for the stars.

She has encouraged me to make the Plath Cropped Cardi in a knitalong with her. So, I guess that means I have to finish up some stuff on the needles, huh? Does anyone else want to join? I have also been thinking about making Hey Teach for my fall wardrobe. I just have to pick a color. Any ideas???

Here is my latest update on my Wicked. I just have to attach the pocket, and finish the sleeves. On my first sleeve, I have completed about 5 inches. I have 12 more to go. I know that this will be a really warm sweater, and since I have about 2 full skeins of Ultra Alpaca left, I can afford to do the long sleeves. I am loving how this sweater is coming along, and it feels very soft, so I am happy with that as well.

There is even more news. I recently changed my schedule at work. It was a change that needed to be made for me to be able to have more yarn money. I want to apologize to all of my friends at the various after-work knitting events. I will miss hanging out with you guys. However, we can definately do a weekend thing, as long as our schedule permits. Nothing is written in stone, and change is the only constant in life. But, I can guarantee you that since I will be home in the early portion of the day, there will be more knitting, stitch marker, and jewelry making going on. A really good friend mentioned to me that my first love is working with my hands. I think he may be on to something. LOL!!

Enjoy the day! Happy knitting everyone!!!