Monday, September 1, 2008

A Birthday Gift!!

I am so spoiled. Look at what came in the mail today?

Chicagopurl has officially spoiled me.

I've gotten a pencil case that I will use for my little knicknacks. A Starbucks card, and Stitch holders.
2 skeins of Interlacements Tiny Toes in the "Grape Harveast" colorway. 2 skeins of Knitpicks Essential Sock yarn in the "Riviera Multi" colorway. Handmade soap.. mmmm.. smells delicious.

Knitpicks needles for magic looping my socks, Crochet hooks, Rice Krispie Treats (my favorite), gel pens!!
Grapefruit scented Eucalan, a diary, post-its and a notepad.

This gorgeous, gorgeous bag big enough to hold everything. It is huge, and sooo cute.

And this cute Starbucks mug. It is super-duper sized.

Here are all my goodies altogether. Thank you so much!! I feel so special. She went all out to send me a special, memorable gift and I am extremely grateful for it. All I could say was "WOW" everytime I opened something. Then the oohs and aahs came, and the high pitched voice. Haha!! Now, y'all know my favorite color is pink, but I have decided to branch out of that for a minute because all of my stuff seems to be monochromatic. I mentioned I like Teal, and she just took it and ran with it. I love everything. I don't care if it got here in September. What matters most is the thought and love that was sent in the package.

I spoke to Chicagopurl on the phone when I received my package, and realized how special long distance friends are. The "girl talk" started immediately and it felt really good to speak to a woman who is a little older and wiser, yet has such a young, fun-loving spirit. She has encouraged me to keep on doing all those things that make me happy, and to keep reaching for the stars.

She has encouraged me to make the Plath Cropped Cardi in a knitalong with her. So, I guess that means I have to finish up some stuff on the needles, huh? Does anyone else want to join? I have also been thinking about making Hey Teach for my fall wardrobe. I just have to pick a color. Any ideas???

Here is my latest update on my Wicked. I just have to attach the pocket, and finish the sleeves. On my first sleeve, I have completed about 5 inches. I have 12 more to go. I know that this will be a really warm sweater, and since I have about 2 full skeins of Ultra Alpaca left, I can afford to do the long sleeves. I am loving how this sweater is coming along, and it feels very soft, so I am happy with that as well.

There is even more news. I recently changed my schedule at work. It was a change that needed to be made for me to be able to have more yarn money. I want to apologize to all of my friends at the various after-work knitting events. I will miss hanging out with you guys. However, we can definately do a weekend thing, as long as our schedule permits. Nothing is written in stone, and change is the only constant in life. But, I can guarantee you that since I will be home in the early portion of the day, there will be more knitting, stitch marker, and jewelry making going on. A really good friend mentioned to me that my first love is working with my hands. I think he may be on to something. LOL!!

Enjoy the day! Happy knitting everyone!!!


chicagopurl said...

How ironic I get to be the first comment LOL! Your gift looks even better on camera :). You are such a sweet person, and I have a tendency of spoiling my friends. Talk to you soon!

Kim said...

Holy crap! Chacagopurl sure did spoil you. That is the never-ending box of wonderful stuff! Happy b-day too.
I am gonna miss seeing you for lunch time knitting. Good luck with the new schedule!

Anonymous said...

Wow girl, I thought after the first pic or two that the gifts were done, but they just kept on comin'! How nice :) Have fun with your goodies!

craftivore said...

Wow, that is an absolutely incredible birthday present. Happy birthday! I just had mine too.

Anonymous said...

I would be jealous if I didn't get my harmony's from her for my birthday. hehe But the older yes, wiser that one is still up for debate. She does have a sweet spirit and a good heart.

Deborah said...

What an awesome birthday package! Chicagopurl went all out on you girl. Wicked is looking great! You'll be done real soon. Great job. I'm gonna miss you at lunch and talking to you during the day. It won't be the same at work anymore!

Virtuous said...

Gurl I tell you that Trinni is a huge spoiler!! Great b-day package! So glad you enjoyed it!

And sounds like you made a great decision about your work schedule!

Yay! Wicked is almost done!!

Rosi G. said...

That's a NICE package!!! W2G!!

I like that Plath cardi. It's very cute!