Thursday, November 6, 2008

A change has come!

I am so excited that Barack Obama is now the President-Elect. I could not sleep last night due to the excitement. So, instead I came up with this idea.

Here is a closer look.

These earrings are made with Sterling Silver earpieces, Swarovski Crystals, and plastic. The logo is covered with an acrylic semi-gloss so that it will not fade.

I went to my knitting group, and as soon as I walked in I heard "Oooh, I LOVE those earrings. Where did you get them?" My reply "I made them this morning". Response - "Are you selling them?"

Answer - YES WE CAN!!!! Please check out the ETSY site if you are interested. If they become temporarily unavailable, I will be happy to make more. Just send me a message on ETSY! The Obama Campaign is still taking donations, so like my stitch markers, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds to the campaign.

Knitting News

I am making good progress on Juliet. I also checked out They have MMMMMMMMalabrigo Sock Yarn!!! I conservatively bought 2 skeins. So, there will be a yarn eye-candy update within the next week. I need some Mmmmmmalabrigo to wear inside my new boots!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

One more day!!!

I want to thank everyone who made a purchase of Obama Stitch Markers from my ETSY shop. I made a donation yesterday with proceeds from the October sales.

We have one more day to make a decision. I saw a commercial on TV that stated that last election year, 35,000 women did not vote. So, I am asking you to get out there and vote. Tell your family, tell your friends. Regardless of who you decide to vote for, you have a right to choose, so please exercise that right.

Now on to the knitting....
Aside from November being the month for elections, it is also National Knit a Sweater Month. I started this baby on Halloween, and it is flying off the needles quickly. Although it technically wasn't started in November, I can still attempt to finish it before the month is over.

This is Juliet, made with Briar Rose fibers "Sonoma" that I bought from Rhinebeck last year. I am getting a gauge of 16 sts/4 inches, so I decided to make the Medium size. I also did an extra increase row, so my stitch count was off from the Large size by about 3 stitches. So, I decided to add 3 stitches to the pattern, and make the lace section in the large. So far, I like what I am seeing. I completed about 1 and 1/2 repeats already.
Here is the lace in more detail.
The inspiration for this sweater came from these red suede boots at Aerosoles. They had a good sale in the stores on Friday, and I snagged them for less that $80. Woohoo!!
So, now I am off to find some buttons. Wish me luck!!!