Saturday, March 31, 2007

Central Park Hoodie Progress - Part 2

Knitting, frogging, and knitting again after you read the pattern, and finally get the decreases down. Here is the left and right front pieces of my hoodie. I am about halfway through the armhole openings. Next is the neck, and then off to the sleeves. I can see a dim light barely shining at the end of the tunnel.

Here is the finished back, on stitch holders

The Never-Ending Stash

So, I must admit....I went a little knitting crazy today. My first stop was Border's on Broadway, where I went to purchase Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. So, why did I leave with 2 magazines, and another book? Actually, I read an excerpt of Knitting Under the Influence, and got upset when it was over. So, of course I HAD to buy it. Here is my reasoning for my purchases....I had a 25% 0ff coupon.

Now the yarn, I have no excuse for. I don't even know where it will fit in my closet. On second thought, in order to justify this again.....all of these yarns already have projects. Come on, I shop with a purpose.

The pink yarn is Cascade Magnum #9424, and I plan to make the tunic designed by Twinkle, as seen on page 81 of Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006 magazine. Also, because I am an avid shopper at Knit New York, I have managed to rack up over $200 in purchases over the course of the year, and received a discount on the yarn.

The green yarn (Manos Del Uruguay Spring) and blue/green variegated yarn (Manos Del Uruguay Caribe) will be used to make a Haramaki. It is the rage in Japan, and it is basically a corset for your belly, that is supposed to keep your core warm, and promote circulation and healing. Personally, I think they would just all look cute with a button down shirt and some jeans. I went to the website of the Japanese man that has copywrighted his own designs. Too bad I can't read a lick of Japanese. Or else he would have had me sold. However, being the resourceful knitter that I am, I will design my own pattern, and make it fit perfect!!! Well, I can at least try. More updates on that later. I bought these yarns at The Point, when they had their anniversary sale. Thanks, Berhan for helping me pick it out!!! (I hope I spelled your name right)

The sock yarn is there for me to practice using the book. I want to try the two circular needle technique.
So, now I am waiting on my Knitpicks shipment, because the yarn shop did not have size 17 needles that I needed for the "Magnum" tunic (40 inch and 20 inch). Let me clarify...Knitpicks's smallest option cable size is 24", but the pattern is knit back and forth for the sleeves on that needle, so having 4 extra inches really isn't going to hurt. I have looked at about 5 different internet shops, and decided that Knitpicks is the best for Jumbo needles. I ordered the Options cables, and needle points separate. I do not have the whole kit, but I only needed the 17. I have also found it to be very affordable, considering some needles cost $25.00 alone, especially at the jumbo size.
So, I made a promise to a really good friend whose name shall remain anonymous, that I would not buy any more yarn until I had projects finished. Well, I want to keep my promise, but the willpower level is at zero when the two words Yarn and discount go together. Sorry. However, I will be hanging out with her tomorrow, and I know I am never going to hear the end of it. Hopefully she won't yell at me too much in front of her sister. :-/
Another thing that happened to me recently, was that I got to experience a presentation given by the Yarn Harlot at FIT. It was amazing. She joked about acquiring yarn in secret, and justifying your purchases. And here I am hiding my yarn (although it is in a see-through bag)from my mom who thinks I am bonkers for trying to find space in my closet for everything(cedar balls are my new buddies). Hey, If I were to buy a Ralph Lauren handknit sweater, it would be 4-5 times the amount I spent on the yarn. So, there you go!!!
All the non-knitters out there... you don't even know the type of jovial insanity you are missing out on. Write me....I am a certified instructor... we can meet for coffee... let me show you a piece of my world.