Monday, December 28, 2009

4 Days Left In December.

4 Days left in December, and I STILL haven't finished my NaKniSweMo project.  Sigh.....  I just lost my Mojo on it.  Once the excitement of finishing it in time was over (because I didn't),  I just let it sit there in my knitting bag.  I keep looking at it saying " You just have 1 more inch of garter stitch to go, and sew on the sleeves".  It keeps looking at me and saying "help me".  Then, I see my Sexy Vesty that I started on December 6th.  What is this obsession that I have with starting new things? It's driving me crazy. Somebody get me some therapy!

I even thought a Mojito would bring me back to my February Fitted Pullover, but as you can see, my drink wanted to color coordinate.

Then, a new yarn shop opened up in Brooklyn.  La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe.  This was the place in which I actually casted on the Sexy Vesty, during their opening day.  They are located on Smith Street between Douglass and Degraw.  They have a nice fireplace, and a bar that will be serving tapas, cafe y vino starting next year.  The wonderful owners made it clear that they wanted to properly set up all of their yarn displays before they brought food and drinks into the mix.  That was fine by me, because I was busy getting swept away by the yarn fumes.  On my second visit there, I did a little damage.

But this proved to be perfect because it allowed me to be able to make these goodies as a Christmas present to a very nice friend of the family.

Debbie Bliss Cabled Beret

Darkside Cowl

The yarn used is Araucania Toconao.  100% Merino wool.  The hat is a little stiff, but it is probably because I went down a needle size.  The pattern was for a big slouchy beret, and i just didnt want it to be that big. The cowl is soft and squishy.  I love it. Both patterns knit up very quickly.

So, now that those projects are done, I can focus on what I need to finish up before 2010 rolls around.

So, will the person who hijacked my February Fitted Pullover mojo please give it back? I need to wear this next year dangit!

Any plan for 2010 you ask?  I joined a Ravelry group called 10 in 2010.  I have decided to make 10 sweaters or vests in 2010, and complete the ones that I have already started.  My goal is to totally rid myself of storebought sweaters.  I am sick of people asking me if I knit that, because they know I knit, and then I have to say something like " No, it was on sale at Macy's".  I would much rather say "absolutely, and I enjoyed every minute of it".

Happy knitting everyone.  More updates to follow.
Sidebar : I joined the 365 group on flickr, so there wil be many, many pictures next year. I'm kinda nostalgic like that.