Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blue, Blue and more Blue

I am making progress on my Textured Circle Shrug. This thing is flying by so fast. I am alternating skeins of MadelineTosh worsted every 2 rows for the yoke. On the sleeves, I alternate every other row.

This is the finished Yoke Portion

I had to try it on to make sure the sleeves fit. I am following the pattern for 2 sizes up, since I have more stitches per inch than the pattern called for. It fits. Yay!!! Oh, by the way, do you like my curls..... thats what it looks like as soon as I get up. LOL!!! Brush teeth, make breakfast, then knit.

Here is the progress later on that night on the sleeve. Still got a few inches to go.

Aside from knitting, I like to dabble in some Makeup Artistry. I am a self-professed MAC junkie. Usually my neighbor's teenage granddaughter always happens to drop by as I am getting dolled up to go somewhere. So, she has been begging me to do her prom makeup. So, how could I resist on the night of her prom? She has been telling me for months that she is wearing blue and silver, and she wants to look "HOT". So, I decided to give her something bold. I went for the Red Carpet-glam look that made her stand out from the crowd. I mean, you only get dressed up for your prom once right???
So here are my tools.... I told you I was a MAC junkie. This is just the "small" kit for the blue makeup. LOL!!!

Here is Alexis before

And Miss Alexis After

Smokin' Hott!!!

So, what was the report at the prom? Her makeup stayed on till 5 AM, when she got home. All of the boys wanted to dance with her. She danced until her feet hurt. And the makeup still lasted through the afterparty. Hey, sometimes going to the prom purposely without a date is a good thing, when you look "HOT".