Monday, September 3, 2007

I am a wreck without my Camera!!!

I went to Knit New York to look for some laceweight on Friday, so that I will be prepared to start my "Secret of the Stole" Shawl. On my way there, Saunielle calls me, and mentions to me that they do not have any laceweight yarn in stock. However, I am such a fiend, that I went anyway.

One of the saleswomen was just so nice, and I saw this Noro Silk Garden in a bin, and it was PINK !!! I really didn't intend on buying it, because it was not laceweight, and I already have so much projects going on...but I figured, why not have another hat? You can never have too many hats. And, it is silk mixed with wool, so that means it will be less wear and tear on the hairline, which equals no breakage. Hey, a diva has to always take care of the mane... LOL!!! So then I rationalized that $25 is not a ba deal for a one-of-a-kind hat that noone else will have. And it became part of my stash. Shoot.. didn't I say that I wasn't going to buy anything till Rhinebeck? What is wrong with me?

So, I decided that I would update my blog on Sunday, with all of the nice pictures. My mom takes the camera to a fete (Trinidadian party) on Saturday night, and she tries to take a picture, and someone standing next to her threw their hands up in excitement about what was happening on the stage. 2 seconds later, the camera is on the floor. When she tries to turn it on, the lens is stuck midway. The screen does not show anything but error code "E18". So, we have no Camera. I am soooo pissed, because that was her Christmas present from 2 years ago, and I bought it during the Transit strike in New York City. So, all of the hell and high water I went through was in vain, because we have no camera now.

I feel very lost. You don't realize how much something really means to you, until it is lost. So, I am sorry, but there are no Noro pictures, and no CPH pictures for everyone to see. I can't even update Ravelry. :-( I am going to check out the Labor Day deals at Circuit City, and MAYBE suck it up and put it on a Credit card, although they should really be used for emergencies only. But does this count as an emergency? My heart is breaking. Oh, and I will make sure that I get the protection plan that covers you if it is dropped....for at least 2 years.


Kim said...

Noro is pretty much irresistible. I feel for you about the death of the camera. I'd feel like I had a limb missing if I didn't have my camera. I see a trip to J&R in your future.

Deborah said...

So sorry to hear about the camera. I know how it feels to have lost something that you rely on so much. I say if you find a good deal on a new one get it. About your yarn purchase? Hmmm all I am going to say is Rhinebeck. :-)

sophanne said...

Stay away from the credit card. Don't ask me how I know. Do you have a scanner? Put the yarn on the scanner, color a picture of it and scan it, do anything, we can wait. Stay. Away. From. The. Credit. Card. : )

Saun said...

Sorry to hear about the camera. If you hold off on a few yarn purchases for a while, you can save for a new camera.