Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still a wreck..without the camera..but full of desperation

I decided to attempt to take some pictures of the yarn with my Palm Treo Camera Phone. Considering that this phone has no flash, I had to instantly become a Photoshop genius to fix the color balance in the picture. So, here is my stash.
Noro Silk Garden Lite - This image is very close to the real color.
My new addition to the stash... Araucania Naturewool in Fuschia. This will be used to make my second Central Park Hoodie. This picture does the yarn no justice, sorry. It is really more on the Pink side. I attempted to use the kitchen light and the light from under the range, but it still was not enough. Nice blender, eh? Maybe I should make a berry smoothie..cuz that is what this yarn looks like to me.
I guess I need more practice with the photoshop genius thing. Well, I like knitting more, so I could get "Knitting Genius" status much quicker...hehe!!!

More WIP updates to come. I am contemplating making a quick baby hat and bootie set. Hmmm... let me see what's in my stash, and we can go from there. No baby A-cry-lyuk whatsoever. I refuse!!! Question....isn't it funny that the work CRY is in aCRYlic? Makes you wanna go hmmmm....


urbanknitrix said...

Wow you are about to start on your second CPH, I am still trying to figure out a color to do mine. That Noro looks so pretty, I have yet to use that yarn.

Kim said...

True color or not, the yarn for your 2nd CPH is gorgeous. Love the silk garden lite. Silk Garden Lite knits up great. I used some to make an Argosy scarf (free pattern from Knitty)

Jeanine said...

That Noro is a pretty color.