Monday, September 10, 2007

I Feel Soooo Special!!! Stitch Markers Galore!!!

So, this past weekend, I decided to practice maing some more stitch markers, and made some for Deborah while I was at her house, taking a break from knitting. (Stupid me forgot my extra skein of yarn home) Anyway, You can view the pics on her blog, since my camera is still dead. :-(

I was feeling all confident that I have mastered the art of making stitch markers with just wire and beads, and decided to go to the fashion district to pick out some beads and charms for my Stitch Marker Swap partner. I went from store to store, and found exactly what I was looking for at the last one. I will reveal who she is after she receives her treat. Not sure if she reads my blog regularly, and want to keep the mystery about myself.

So, I get home from the city, and what do I see in my mailbox? My Stitch Marker Swap package. Yippee!!! I thought it would be a little box, but this thing had some weight to it. So, before I show off the goods I must thank Carrie from Annandale, VA for sending such a glorious package. She has instantly become my new best friend. Hey long-time friends, don't get jealous. Everybody needs a little love!!!

I must also apologize that the picture quality sucks. Y'all know my situation, and I just don't have the energy to fumble with photoshop tonight.
So, without further adieu......
The package included some pink stationary (not pictured), Pink tape measure (perfect cuz I am always losing mine and bugging Deborah for hers), a Pink Sharpie highlighter (so I can keep my place in my patterns), a Pink lipstick case (to keep my knicknacks, or so my pout is always diva-licious), a needle gauge, and Pink heart shaped post-its. This is perfect because I hate writing in my pattern magazines, but I stick Post-It's EVERYWHERE!!.

Okay, so Carrie has officially spoiled me rotten. The swap called for 5 stitch markers to be swapped, and she sent a whopping 15. I think she just got "Carried away" (hehe) with the fun in making the stitch markers. Beading can get really addicting. I know for a fact, since it is another one of my passions. More on that later.
The picture really does this no justice. I will be sure to re-post once I have a camera that has a decent megapixel quality. The beads are frosted cubes and discs with pink crystals embedded in them, as well as some pink crystal cubes, and I absolutely love the clear glass beads that look like they have pink flowers floating in them. These are going to come in very handy when I start my second (PINK) Central Park Hoodie. I especially love the fact that I have stitch markers for both regular and Chunky needle sizes. So, when I make my Twinkle Bobbled Tunic, I am covered as well. Oooohhhh I am so excited!!!

Carrie, I must say that you did an absolutely stunning job on the stitch markers. They don't look like a "first timer" project. I am impressed and blown away. And to top it off, I have been looking everywhere for those types of rings and can't find them. That is why I have forced... ahem, ...I mean taught myself to make them with wire. Can you take me to your supplier???


sophanne said...

What a great package!

And... hooray to you for living through the crappy camera trauma... staying away from the temptation of credit. It makes those pink pics all the more enjoyable!

Deborah said...

Wow! Carrie really did spoil you girl! That's an awesome swap package. Love everything. Can't wait to see the markers in person.

Harlem Purl said...

I'm glad your first swap experience was such a memorable one.

hope said...

The markers you made are sooo cute. Thanks for your comment about my sock. Not only am I going to finish that one, I'm going to take more sock yarn to make some for myself.

I'll make sure to bring back lots of pictures and I am going to try to keep a diary of the two weeks, so I won't have to rely on my memory.

See you soon.

Kim said...

What a great swap pal! Yeah for Carrie! Those stitch markers are too lovely.

CarrieM said...

I'm so glad you liked the package! Yup, I did get "Carried" away (giggling--good pun!). Isn't that Central Park Hoodie cool?? I have got to do one for my daughter. I did the rings because I cannot seem to wrap the wire, so good for you learning to do it that way! The rings can be had from AC Moore. They are actually part of a set that includes the toggle. I have all these toggles now since I have done stitch markers for my Yarn Junkies partners as well as yours. Any suggestions on how to use them?


Shameka said...

I once saw a pair of pearl cufflinks made from toggle bars in a book published by BeadStyle magazine. I forget the name of the book now, but it was one of those compilation books that took the best magazine articles and put them all together. If I find it soon, I will let you know. I just read in some fashion magazine that women wearing men-inspired clothing is hot for the season. So, I guess cuff links could be in style soon.

For men..check this out.

Oh, and I wanted to mention that wire wrapping takes a lot of practice. I used 18 gauge wire which is really stiff, and you have to be really nimble with your tweezers because you have to hold the loop with one, while you wrap with the other. It takes a lot of practice. I am still trying to perfect my technique. My main dilemma is trying to get them to look uniform, because the wire sometimes has a mind of its own.