Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Favorite Socks - Embossed leaves (part 1)

I just wanted to post pictures of my new travel knitting project. Once again, sorry for the unclear photo. My budget has not allowed me to replace the dead camera yet. I am still trying to hold off on the credit card usage. So, we are still using the camera phone.
One day last week, I decided to go through all of my loose pennies, and take them to the Coinstar machine. I received an Amazon gift certificate for $29.37. So, I decided to treat myself with my newfound "wealth" to some books. One of which was Interweave's Favorite Socks. Here is my progress on the Embossed leaves pattern, using Colinette Jitterbug yarn (from my stash) in the Marble colorway, and Knitpicks Options size 1 circular needles. This is about 2 16-row pattern repeats into the pattern. They are coming out very nice. The pattern is easy to follow, and it is knitting up quickly.
I also bought Knit2Together, and Fitted Knits. I should be joining the Fitted Knits KAL once I decide which cute sweater I want to make first. I joined the Favorite Socks KAL, but am still waiting for my sign-up verification email.
Also, I wanted to show off some stitch markers that I made for my swapbot partner Deb, now that she has finally received them.
I am so glad that she is really enjoying them. Deb is a professional chef, as you can see on her blog, so I thought it was fitting that her stitch markers reflect that with the utensils attached. The others are just some smaller ones I made to use for her socks, since she belongs to many sock yarn clubs. I know that they will come in handy.


Deborah said...

The sock looks great. Glad you found a new project for the Jitterbug yarn since you won't be making another Falling In Love Sock. Hmmmm another sweater?!?! :-)

Annie said...

Isn't coinstar wonderful? We need to bring in our change. I wonder if I can convince hotty hubby that the money should be used for yarn?!?

Kim said...

I love to use the coinstar machine at the A&P! I really want to make the Embossed Leaves socks and have some yarn in mind that's been marinating in the stash.

Mary Beth said...

It's simply amazing how much money we all have in our change piles. Remember the days when we actually had to count & roll it ourselves? Shuddering just thinking about it!
I own 2 of the three books you just bought. (K2Together - I don't own.) Your sock is great so far & I am pleased to see a stash decreash happening here.
Hey, I am lusting after your stitch markers. I will have to teach myself how. Any advice? What do I need to buy & how big are each wire sections to make the different sizes. Panting heavily...

Mary Beth said...

BTW, don't know if you'd be interested, but my daughter has a Fuji FinePix that she wants to upgrade. (She's an avid photographer & needs an SLR) I think it's 4 mega pixels. I'll find out the details if you think you'd like it. It has a case, cord, etc. & is in mint condition. (She's a meticulus person with her things.) She's had it 2 years.

Shameka said...

Mary Beth, I appreciate the referral concerning the camera. However, I actually need to get one that is 7.1 megapixels since I will be taking pictures of my Jewelry for my soon-to-be-released ETSY shop. I have tried numerous times to get good shots with the 4 mega pix camera before it broke, and I could never get it to look the way I wanted it.
I will pass the word around to see if any of my family members are looking to get one. Thanks a bunch!!

As for the stitch markers, I bought 18 guage wire at Michaels, and beads and charms to my heart's content. I used wire-wrapping techniques that I learned from reading BeadStyle magazine. I make the different sizes by just wrapping it around a different sized knitting needle. You need a wire cutter, chainnose pliers, and a needlenose plier. I think I bought a kit from Michael's for less than $10 that had all of the tools in it. Michael is my best friend, because he is only 15 minutes away from me. LOL!!