Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little splurge!!

The Point yarn shop had a sale to celebrate it's 4th year of existence. I decided to have a look around, since I was missing one of the suggested yarns for Sock Madness. Initially we were given a list of 7 different yarn specs, so that we can get an idea as to what the test pattern was knit with and substitute. The trick is, we don't know which round each pattern will be. There was a pattern that called for 2 contrasting solids and it was made with Louet Gems. So, after looking through my stash and seeing that only had variegated and stripey sock yarn, I set out on a journey.

As soon as I asked the lovely salesperson about sock yarn, she said "We have a few skeins of Malabrigo left". I think that is knitting terminology for "I Love you, and I know you will love me back". I picked up 3, as they were all 20% off. The colors are Boticelli Red and Chocolate Amargo. Technically, it is enough to make 3 pairs of socks. The pattern specs call for 185 yards of each color and with Malabrigo I have 440 to spare. So, what will I make with the leftover Boticelli Red? I have always wanted a pair of Lissajous socks. Yippee!!! When I got home, I saw the post on Ravelry stating that the round 2 pattern would need "2 contrasting solids". Hmmm.....did I have a premonition??

So, back to the Point. I told the lovely saleswoman about my Sock Madness, and she said "Did you know Cookie A's pattern book is out?". Hmmm....I didn't now that. I have been out of the country and out of the loop for a whole month. They don't have Cookie A. books in Trinidad. LOL!! The book is awesome. She focuses on designing your own socks, as well as gives some really gorgeous patterns. So, yeah it ended up coming home with me.

Lastly, my best friend is having her very first baby. I was there for her mini arguments with her boyfriend, I was there when he apologized, I was there when he proposed, I was there at the wedding, hooked them up with a hotel for the Honeymoon. So, I have to make something for the little bun in her oven. However, I don't know if it will be a boy or girl. Sigh..... "We are painting the baby room green and yellow", she says. I said "How do you expect me to make something for the baby when I don't even know what color to choose?" ARRGGHHH!!!

So, I saw some Debbie Bliss Superwash Rialto in Brown for 30% off. I am adding some green bird buttons to the sweater. Boy or girl, the baby will wear it. I am making the 12 month size. These babies grow so quickly. It will technically be 6 months in the fall, but I am leaving some "just in case this baby grows too fast" room. Oh yeah, and I have to finish this sweater before the 25th. Here are some pics of the beginning of it. It is going to be a Peapod Baby Set, I swear. LOL!!! Oh, the pattern isn't available online anymore. Luckily I had a copy of it from the last time I made it, about 1 and a half years ago. (Deb thanks for helping me out as well)

Here are some pics.
It's gonna be a sweater, I swear!!

Yarn Sale!!!


chicagopurl said...

I love it chica! Oh and luvvv that you got to connect with Stacey! I'm ready for a pineapple martini!

Virtuous said...

GREAT splurge!!!! And I think the compromise on the baby item is perfect w/o knowing the sex! Cute buttons!!

Doesn't it feel good to spoil yourself! :o)

Knitty Cent said...

the buttons are adorable! LOL @ the tale of the couple getting back together. if there's ever a time for yarn shopping, this is definitely it. great buys!

Jeanine said...

I agree with Stacey. GREAT splurge. I think chocolate is the best way to go on the Pea Pod. I also have some Malabrigo sock yarn stashed. I've YET to use it! Let us know how that book is.

craftivore said...

The brown sweater will look super cute on any baby. I've been wondering about Cookie A's book, but really how many sock books can one have?

Kelli Simone said...

Nice swag. Love the baby buttons. ~ksp

P.S. Your bloglines feed isn't working for me.

Kim said...

Yeah! I've been waiting for the new Cookie A book. Nice yarn haul too.