Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ms. Raspberry Fudge Cocoa Plans

So, I am not sure how badly I have been saying this, but.....I LOVE COLORWORK! There, I've said it. The actual knitting part of my colorwork Chullo hat went by in a breeze. It's just my surgery for the earflaps that needs to be scheduled for a day in the near future.

So, being that I love colorwork now, and I have no idea why I never attempted to make a true Fair Isle garment before, I set out to plan my next project. I was also inspired by David Reidy's Sticks and String podcast where he talks about Fair Isle knitting, and even recommended two books that I just had to buy. So, without further adieu, I present to you my planned "baby" for whenever I finish my 10 in 2010 projects. Her name is Autumn Rose, and I am Christening her as Ms. Raspberry Fudge Cocoa.

Autumn Rose Picture Front

I have decided to make the color scheme Pink and Brown instead of Red and Gold.  Don't get me wrong.  I like the autumn colors.  But, I just love the pink and browns better.  Also, noone on ravelry has a sweater with my color scheme, which makes it all the more special.  I need to use Excel to chart out my colors.  Some genius decided to make the chart in the book white and gray.  As if colors didn't matter in a sweater that uses 11 different colors.  DUMB, DUMB. DUMB! I don't know if it was the pattern designer's fault, or the publisher's fault, but I think someone should have spoken up and said something before the book went to print.  ( My 2 cents - but really who am I?  Just a person who bought the book and wants to make something out of it, and have a reason to rant and rave about how wonderful it is)  Hmmmm... maybe they just want to make knitters evolve into Fair Isle pattern designers.  Hmmm.. then I could have someone buy one of my patterns one day.  We will see. 

365.307 - Knitpicks Mail Call!

So, aside from the Simply Shetland 4 at Tomales Bay book, I bought Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti, and Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting.  I have suddenly become interested in all the history and different techniques, and the best patterns to use for different body shapes etc, etc, etc.  I have a feeling that these two books will help me answer all of my questions.  It sure beats buying a pattern book with a DUMB portion of the pattern in it, that you are just supposed to guess.  OK, I am going to stop being so mean.

I have decided to join NaKniSweMo, since this is November, and I still have to cast on 1 sweater for my 10 in 2010 projects.  I have decided to make Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest.  I know it's not a full sweater, but here is my mathematical logic as to why I will still use it for NaKniSweMo.  The rules state that the sweater should be at least 50,000 stitches.  Upon my calculations, my vest is 39,587 stitches.  Now, if you were to divide 50,000 stitches into 30 days, that would equate to 1667 stitches per day.  That leaves me at a deficit of 6.25 days of knitting.  Therefore, if I start on Nov 7th, I should be ok right? That's a yes in my book.  It's time to swatch! 


Anonymous said...

You are too funny, but what ever works right? I had wanted to join NaKniSweMo but since I had to sweaters on the needles that would have been cheating. So now Im just doing it in spirit.

Harlem Purl said...

I love your deductive reasoning, it sounds like something I would say. Good luck with your ice cream sundae sweater. I'm really into fair isle too. I'm planning on making a pair of fair isle mittens for this winter.

Deborah said...

Love the color choices for the sweater! They are definitely your colors. I find it amazing that what appears to be a little bit of yarn will make that whole sweater. I look forward to seeing you progress on it.