Saturday, April 12, 2008

Temptation is calling.. I've been wanting you so bad I could cry!!!

OK, let's be real. I said that I would not buy yarn for 100 days, about 10 days ago. So, I am 10% closer to my goal, and I get my first bout of temptation.

It all started with my mom (the woman who doesn't want to learn to knit, but wants me to always knit stuff for people). Her coworker had a baby girl and moved out of the state. Another coworker will be visiting her in 2 weeks, so she asked me to make something to send with her. Since I have the 2-at-a-time sock book, I said "hey, why not?" I saw a nice pattern for baby socks in there, and I have been dying to open my Knitpicks needles, and learn the technique. Wait.. did I mention that I joined a secret sock swap and the sock must be completed by the end of April, and I have not cast on yet??

Anyway, back to the story. So, I decided to go to the Point before my mom came up with this yarn-buying excuse. If my memory serves me correctly, I though I saw the tickled pink colorway there, which would be perfect for the girl. My mom said that she would give me the money, so technically, I was allowed to buy it. I get there, and there is no tickled pink. :-(
I searched the store and found tofutsies in a nice pink color. Then I was told by all of the women in the store that knitting baby socks was pointless, and tofutsies would take forever on size 0's. So I just gave up the baby sock-knitting idea altogether. But I had this whole sour grapes emotion going on, because I didn't get what I wanted. Ahem... when I get pregnant, I am making matching socks for baby and mommy, dammit!!! Ok, I have vented, and I am calm now.

So, I stared back into the Lorna's Laces section. I fell in love with two colorways. Irving Park (I wanted to use that to make the Wicked sweater, but there was not enough yarn at Modern Yarn a few weeks ago, so I didn't buy it), and Hawaii (I just loved how the turquoise and purple played off of each other). On a side note, the father of the baby girl is from Hawaii. Anyway.... I was finding a million reasons to justify buying it. Then, I looked at the crochet hat that I was making for Deborah, and I just thought of what she would say if I broke my vow. So, I left yarnless. :-(

I drowned my sorrows in a large Pinkberry Yogurt treat.

I have another picture to show you. I bought a scale last weekend to help enable my two-at-a-time sock knitting. I love this scale because it tells time, and measures in both ounces and grams. Deborah's hat has a few more rows to go before completion. I hope I can start on those secret swap socks tomorrow.

So, I decided to make a baby hat with some leftover Cascade 220 Superwash that I have in my stash. Aren't you proud of me?


sophanne said...

good job! soon yarn will no longer call your name and you will be free from the bonds of addiction. HA! As if...

Nancy said...

Why is knitting baby socks pointless? They're quick, cute and babies always need socks.

Virtuous said...

VERY proud of you!!!!!!
Whew! I was about to be so disappointed! LOL

And I am with you!! There will be matching mother and baby socks when it is my turn too!! :oD

Tawana said...

why do I have that same exact scale. lol...I like knitting baby socks. They are so not pontless. They are adorable, and matching mother and baby socks are even better.