Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hooked on Glitter Alpaca

I decided to frog the hat from the previous post, and start all over again. This time, I followed the instructions properly. I would like to thank Chante for watching my every move and making sure that I did everything correctly. I am sure that Deborah is excited as well. So, here is my progress. I completed all of the increase rounds, with a perfect stitch count of 96. Woohoo!! So, now I just have to knit 6 rows as the pattern states, plus an extra 3 as per Deborah's request. She wants the hat to cover her ears, and I don't blame her. New York is still experiencing a little chill.

Also, I did a little shopping. I was trying to keep this a secret but I couldn't. I bought sock yarn from Seaport Yarn. A friend of mine had a negative experience there, and I told her that I would just look and for her sake, not buy... because I would vicariously hold her grudge for the malady that had occured in the past. But..... the yarn fumes swarmed me, and I couldn't breathe... the next thing I remember, I was leaving with a shopping bag. Sorry....I just couldn't control it. It was overbearing.

Acquerello, a new addition at the Seaport. Wait does that tag say 436 yards?? Do I see really high socks in my future that I can wear with my boots next winter? Any pattern ideas??? I am thinking "Queen of cups", but I feel that I may be able to get away with something a bit longer.

This is Raphael. I have been looking at him for a long time, and I just had to have him in my stash. Not sure what pattern he will be paired up with just yet, but I know that he is a keeper.

Next up, is my Knitpicks stash addition.

Since I bought the 2-at-a-time sock book, I figured that I would buy 40 inch circulars from sizes 0 to 3 just in case I have to make an emergency sock. I do have a lot of sock yarn in my stash, and need to get rid of it. I also got the needle tips in sizes that I was missing. One will be used for my Gathered Pullover once I decide to cast on (hurry up and get other sweater off of the cord).

Here are some more skeins of sock yarn. I plan on making some Jaywalkers. The pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry, since Magknits has ceased its operations. Thank GOD for Ravelry!!! The colorways are Mixed Berries and Firefighter.

I always wanted to make a variegated pink shawl. Now I have just the yarn to do it. Not sure what pattern it will be just yet. I love this colorway, and the fact that it was on clearance makes it even better.

Here is a blast from the past. My Central Park Hoodie #2 WIP. I am almost finished with the back. Just a few more rows to go before the shoulder shaping. I want to try to wear this before it gets too hot in New York. I know, it was supposed to be completed by last Thanksgiving, and I was on the monogamous knitting road for a while, but my Knitting GPS wasn't working, so I had to reset the battery. Now I am somewhat on track again.

So, the day I made my last yarn purchase was on April 2nd. I will attempt to go 100 days without buying yarn. My stash needs to be trimmed, and I don't feel like giving anything up, so I will be knitting like a fiend, as long as time permits. So far it has been 8 days. OMG!!! I feel like I am on one of those 12 step programs. LOL!!! How many FO's can I have in 100 days?? Let's see.

My new addiction is Pinkberry. My favorite concoction this week is original with pineapple, coconut, and mango. It remind me of fun times in Trinidad swirled with healthy goodness. I have made a knitting date with Saunielle to go to The Point this friday. Now, I feel as if no trip to The Point is complete without a short walk to Pinkberry. I can't wait!!!


Deborah said...

Well I can tell you that I am loving the picture of my hat! Look forward to seeing it in person. Thank you Chante for supervising! CPH is looking good! Keep plugging away and you'll be done. No comment on your yarn purchases. [Just nodding my head and smiling]

sophanne said...

a girl who buys multiple needles just in case- we are the same. I love buying needles as much as I love buying yarn!

Anonymous said...

Look at all that yarn. Yum yum. Can't wait to see your CPH all done!

Virtuous said...

Gurl you have done some serious shopping!

I like Firefighter and totally understand about the 12 step program. I need to be doing the 100 days right along with you! B.c I don't want to give anything up either! Haha!

Tee hee @ knitting GPS
Gurl you are always saying something cute! LOL