Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guess who I met today??

Stephanie Pearl McPhee, otherwise known as the Yarn Harlot. She made us think today about how to finish the sentance "Knitters are......." I would have to say "a fun bunch". I had a blast today at the book signing.

I finished the I-Cord bindoff on the A-line baby dress, only to realize that in order to continue with it, I would have to have a very flexible Knitpicks circular needle, or some size 4 double points. The Boye kit that I have just wasn't doing the trick to get around those corners on the straps.Well, I had neither when I was outside of my house today, so I proceeded to crochet. Here is my progress on Deborah's hat.

Just a few more inches to go. But on the flip side, I have a little problem.

I knew it looked a little bit weird, because I have never seen a hat with those spaces, and it is BOTHERING me till no end. Chante was nice enough to point out that I have been crocheting wrong this whole time. And the pattern is not that is just a bunch of Double Crochet and Single Crochet stitches. So what's my beef??? The placement of 3 darn Chain stitches on each row. Chante explained that you are supposed to chain 3 for height, and then join it into the same stitch, continuing to work the round as usual. She tried to show me on another piece of a crochet project that she was working on, and I thought I got it.... but now I feel like a dummy because I still don't understand what to do. Deb, I am sorry that I am clueless to the operation of this confusing easy pattern. I even checked for an errata and found nothing.
Deborah expressed to me that she didn't want me to frog it, because she would just use it as a decorating element in the hat. But, it is still bothering me. So Deb, if you are truly not happy with it, I will take it out. Anyone else have an opinion that they would like to share?


Tawana said...

Hi Shameka,

If you truly are not happy with it, frog it. Because you are the one crocheting it. I wish I could have gone today with you guys:-(

Virtuous said...

YAH!!!!! She is coming to Charlotte on Tuesday April 8th - MY BIRTHDAY!! :op
I am already taking off for the day!

Gurl what time did you get there?? Was the crowd out of control??
She is supposed to speak here at 7PM so I plan to "wait" in line at 3PM.

Let me know what you did there! LOL

@ Crochet hat - Even if Deb doesn't mind...I would honestly still frog it. As a gift to others I really want my work to reflect me too!
And Gurl! You do great stuff! ;o)

Deborah said...

Ok. I am glad to know that something is wrong.

I didn't like the chain at all and never understood why it was there. I told you to keep on with it instead of frogging because I thought it was suppose to be like that, and since I'm not the crocheter and you are, what did I know?

I have to tell you I was very concerned when you showed it to me yesterday. You should have been able to tell by my jokes and hysterical laughter. It didn't look like there were only a few more rows to it.

It needs to be frogged. I want it to be the hat I fell in love with when I saw the picture.

sophanne said...

Hi Shameka! Crocheting is fast- frog it. Those three stitches equal one tall stitch. It is a weird thing and also opposite of knitting. It's why when I found knitting and turned in my crochet hooks. I can count the stitches on the needle. With crochet it always feels a little vague!

Kim said...

I haven't a clue about the crochet. Maybe Chante could crochet it for you? I wish I could've gone to see the Harlot last night! It must've been fun. That's a cute hat you're wearing. Is it new?