Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Challenge is still on!!

Hey everyone. So far CarrieM is the only person who has agreed to take the challenge. So, there are actually 2 more slots open. Come on guys!! I wanna give some stuff away!!!

Speaking of giving stuff friend Deborah is having a contest on her blog. Check it out!!!

So, how was my weekend? Yesterday I met up with Saunielle for some Indian food and....

Pinkberry!! It was great!!! This is my caribbean creation. Original Pinkberry topped with pineapple, mango, and coconut. Sadly for people outside of the state, it is only sold in New York and California currently. But if anyone every takes a trip to the city, I can direct you to the closest one. I am starting to feel like I have visited all of them.

Here is my sock progres so far. I am working on some other stuff too. More to come soon, I promise. Question.. does it not look like a bikini now??? hehe!!!

Ok, so I was really happy that I was making progress..... then look at what I found??? A dropped stitch!!! AAARRGGHHH!!!!!! Don't you just love knitting socks??? My mom (non-knitter) was near me when I realized it and she says " Hmmm.. that's a lot to take out". Really??? Gee, I would have not even known that. Thanks mommy, for pointing that out. arrgghh!!!!! 2 socks at a time means two socks have to be tinked back at once, so you don't lose your place.


sophanne said...

suddenly 2 socks at a time doesn't sound so inviting.

Virtuous said...

No no no!!!! Just put sock A on hold with another circ needle and only tink back sock B. Just write down where you need to be at on sock B to get back on track with both.

Tee hee @ your mom's comment.

You and Saun are ODing on that Pinkberry Hahah!! :oD

Have a great week girl!

Deborah said...

Why couldn't you just go to the spot where the dropped stich is and crochet it back up? I'm sure you've already worked it out though.

Shameka said...

I wish it were easy to crochet up the missed stitch. However, my stitch count is perfect, because I probably dropped a stitch at the YO. So, I didn't even realize that it was dropped, until I looked at it, and it started to look funny to me. Then I saw it. So, if I pull it up, I will have an extra stitch. I don't wanna screw up the pattern, because it looks so nice. I also thought about putting one sock on hold, but trying to remember where I left off, and getting them to match really drives me nuts, because I always second guess myself. I have already tinked back halfway, so I will just continue. Thanks everyone for all of the great advice.

Tabitha said...

Nice work on the socks but sorry about the dropped stitch. Did you know that you could usually pick up a dropped stitch with a crochet hook without any tinking involved? Can't wait to see the finished socks.