Tuesday, April 15, 2008


For the first three people that reply to this post, and who re-post this challenge: you win!!! For your prize, I will send you a gift. It might be something I’ve made, or something cool from my hidden stash of fabulousity. It might be a mix CD, or a rubber duck, or a book I think you might enjoy. A love letter, a useful object, or something else that is awesome or maybe just taking up room in my house. Whatever it is, I promise I will get it to you in 365 days of your posted comment or less, and I will need your snail mail.The only thing you need to do to receive your gift is PARTICIPATE. Be one of the first three journalers to reply to this, (make sure I can contact you via e-mail) and post this very same thing in your journal, and YOU are the lucky giftee. Just ‘cuz.

I got this challenge via BajanKnit's blog. I want to say thanks to Two Cables N' A Frappe for linking it to her blog. Hehe!! I am also happy to connect with another Caribbean knitter. I know it's hot down there, but we still can knit cool stuff!!!
Knitting update! I am in love with Magic Loop. Why???

  1. It freaks out the nosy people on the train. The look of curiosity/astonishment/confusion on their faces it priceless.

  2. I get to do two socks at a time, and I don't have to worry about bamboo DPN's snapping in my pocketbook, or the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.

  3. This girl on the train said "Excuse me Miss....are you making a bikini??". Hmmmmm.... I am going to leave that one alone. Well, at least she was polite. Ahem... does this look like a bikini to you????

Have a knitterly wonderful day!!!


Virtuous said...

I KNEW you would love ML 2 at 1 time!!! :o)

Tee hee @ train comment....what kind of ta-tas does she have?!? ROTFL!

I am one of the 3 posting BUT I won't be reposting on my journal ;op So I guess the next 3 behind me win! Haha :oD

Nancy said...

Honey it totally looks like a bikini, sorry;)

Deborah said...

Looks like a bikini top to me! I won't be reposting on my blog because I already participated in something like this last December. It was called "Pay It Forward". Glad your lovin' magic looping!

Nik said...

The triangles look like the front and back of bikini bottoms to me.

CarrieM said...

Okay, okay, I will post it! Love the color on those socks? Did I say that before? Yup, just felt the need to say it again!

del said...

I can barely knit with just 2 needles in public w/o getting freaky looks. ML would probably cause a heart attach, lol.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Well....., it could either be a teeny-weeny bikini top or socks, but who am I to say.