Monday, July 1, 2013

Hexipuff Madness Monday - Week 14

The color of the week was grey. I completed 9 pieces, and 1 leftover blue from last week. I am averaging about 10 a week, instead of my aggressive target of 35. Life just gets in the way. I did about 2-3 a day, then went out to dinner Thursday night, went to dance class Friday night, went to school and a party on Saturday, and woke up early for school again on Sunday. After class I crashed. My brain couldn't focus on knitting.

However, I have learned that setting aggressive goals and not meeting them isn't all that bad. As long as you are comfortable with the fact that you made more progress, than if you hadn't set a goal at all. In 4 weeks, I knit more hexipuffs than I did in the months before I went on my hiatus. That makes me smile. I also managed to maintain a 99.5 average in class.

So, here are my 81 hexipuffs. I have 2 tests next weekend. Hopefully, I can knit at least 10 this week.

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