Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hexipuff Madness Monday - Week 13

Yes, I'm posting a few days late again. But, it's been a crazy past few days.

Firstly, I want to say that I only completed 10 hexipuffs this week. However, my hexipuffs went on a journey. They had the privilege of traveling to Shelton, CT to Jones Family Farm for wine tasting and strawberry picking. They also went to Stockbridge's which has the best cheesecake in the state. They got to meet some friends who are non-knitters, and instantly made them fall in love. They also got a slumber party invitation from an amazing 9-year old.

All in all, there are 71 hexipuffs in total. It looks like the completion date has been moved to the first week of January. But why worry about tomorrow, when you're having fun today?

1 comment:

lilirious said...

these hexipuffs are just as awesome as your nails! ;) If I ever finish my granny square blanket, I'll start a hexipuff blanket.. I won't knit a single hexipuff until then.. (seriously.. I know how that goes..)