Monday, July 29, 2013

Hexipuff Madness Monday - Weeks 15-17

These past 3 weeks have been crazy. There were some weeks that I have been able to churn out 3 hexipuffs. I decided to wait until I had a substantial amount to show, before posting.

There was one particular day that was the hottest day of the year. A group of my friends met up to knit in an air conditioned atrium. We laughed and joked like normal. However, everyone thought we were strange. People kept walking by and taking pictures. It felt odd to be the center of attention for these passers-by. The audacity of my girls to be knitting in 97 degree weather! Hmmmmmm, Mr. Bikram might not have had an issue. Hehe

I have one thing to say to our fans. "Winter is coming".

I completed 11 within the past 3 weeks. This is great, considering I have mastered how to knit hexipuffs and still carry on an intelligent conversation. This now brings my total to 95.

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