Monday, December 8, 2014

Adventures in hat knitting.....Part 1

I had this novel idea of creating a slouchy hat to fit my big HAIR.  I perused Ravelry, and found an easy cabled pattern that I could knit mindlessly.  The name of the pattern is called Sand Bank.

Over the course of a few train rides to and from work, I was able to cast on, and complete 4 inches of ribbing.

This is perfect for me to be able to actually fold the hat, right?

So, today was a very cold day, and I decided to attempt to finish the hat, so that I can actually have something to wear on my head, and use the remaining yarn to start a matching scarf. The yarn is Miss Babs Yowsa Whatta Skein, and it has excellent yardage, which is a plus.  

So, I made a few modifications to the original pattern.  I went up a needle size in the ribbing portion, and I planned on working an extra pattern repeat, just to have a longer, slouchier hat.  This would theoretically make up for the bigness of my hair.

After I was halfway into the 3rd repeat of the pattern, I decided to try on the hat.

I'm flippin mad.  It is still small.  Ugh.

I feel like ripping it out and calculating to account for another set of cables.  Hopefully I can do that without throwing off the stitch count totally.  I'm so annoyed.  Can't you see it in my face. 



Goldenleo said...

Phoncible works great for big hair!

Goldenleo said...

The Phoncible Hat pattern works great for big hair!