Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 - The Year of the Sock

As the beginning of the New Year makes its way into our lives, we start to think about all of the hopes we have for the future.  The countless items that we want to knit are just calling us from their pattern booklets and magazines.  The yarn that wants to get knit up into that oh-so-special-something is saying "Pick me, Pick me".  I have deided that this year, I am going to get serious about socks and I want you to as well.

I have more skeins of sock yarn than I can count.  1 bin of old sock yarn packed away in the closet, 1 bin of sock WIPs, 1 bin of socks to start now, and another bin of newly acquired sock yarn.  Sock yarn isn't stash, right?  Well, that's  the problem there in itself.  I have more socks in skein form than in completed sock form.  This year, that is going to change.

I usually run into a pattern of knitting only 1 thing for a little while, then putting it down and picking up something else.  Things get pushed to the front of the line if there is an upcoming event and I MUST finish that sweater. Otherwise, projects are languishing and I knit what I feel like.  So, what would happen if I devoted at least 1 hour a day entirely to a pair of socks? Well, they would definitely be completed and my feet would be nice and toasty.  

Let me introduce you to my novel idea.


The instructions are quite simple.
Pick any yarn and any pattern (knit or crochet)
Cast on.
Set a timer for 60 minutes.
Knit for those 60 minutes and take a picture of your project.
Knit for another 60 minutes and take another picture.
Keep repeating those steps until the socks are complete.
Compile all of these pictures into a Flipagram post.
Post the competed project on Instagram and hashtag it #60minsockagram.

Here is the first 60 Minute Sockagram that I made.  
The yarn is Voolenvine Yarns "Deck the Halls"
The pattern is Zigzagular Socks by Susie White

 Here are some of my favorite photos from my project

You can find the Ravelry group here, if you would like to join in on the fun. 


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