Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hexipuff Madness 2014 - Week 4

This week, I completed 9 hexipuffs. Altogether, I have made 34 this year. This brings my grand total to 137. That's 13.1% of my goal.

I calculated that if I knit 3 a day, I would be complete by December 5th. Then maybe I could stitch it together during the holidays. I know, I said the same thing during the summer. But, this time it seems more realistic.

I will continue to take a picture of just the new ones, until my 2014 goal of 384 has been reached. Then I will add last year's hexipuffs.

So, in an effort to make more hexipuffs, I have entered the Modular Relay event in the Ravellenics games on Ravelry. I have decided to complete a whole skein's worth of hexipuffs, which are roughly about 40. In 17 days! Eeeeeek!

I've decided to use the Blue Violet colorway of Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Fingering weight yarn. This color forms the center "flower" in my pattern design. I figured it was about time I let the design dictate what color comes next.

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