Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sleeve Island

Yesterday was Carnival day on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I would have much rather been there than in the cold, having to wear multiple layers of clothes, and keep my pedicure under wraps. I would have much rather had the sun beat down on me in my feather and bead costume, and consume ample amounts of coconut water with a little (or a whole lot of) sumthin' sumthin' added to it. I would have much rather listened to soca music vibrating through the air from speakers twice my height mounted on trucks plastered with ads for Monster Energy Drink and Blue Waters. I would have much rather seen friends I haven't seen in years, and meet new ones in equally beautiful festive regalia.

But alas, the only Island I am on is Sleeve Island. I will say, I am quite content that I am relaxed and not hearing the office phone ring, or seeing an overly exhausted banker go crazy when I tell him that its impossible to recolor a world map and add 100 tiny dots to it in 30 minutes because he needed it yesterday. Sleeve island is nice, because while I am here, I can watch a live stream of Trinidad's festivities while I knit. That makes me happy.

I made a boo-boo by increasing to 72 stitches instead of 70. But, whose counting? I fixed it by binding off 1 extra stitch in the first 2 sleeve decrease rows. I am happy to be making progress since last week's injuries had me slow down a bit. I anticipate being able to weave in the ends tomorrow ( hopefully). Next stop, bolero city! Oh yeah, and i'm booking a ticket to next year's carnival too.

The first picture shows me halfway through the decreases that happen every other row. The second picture shows a better depiction of the colors, and a close up of the sleeve cap in progress.

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