Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sleeve Cap Mishap

I worked fervently last night to finish the sleeve caps on Ella, and catch up with everyone else in the KAL. I took careful notes using my Vogue Knitting app. So, when i matched it up to the bodice, I was a bit stunned. It was missing a huge chunk of stripes. About 12 rows worth. I guess somehow my row gauge was off. As much as I hate weaving in ends, I am grateful for the stripes that spoke the truth. It's time to do some sleeve math. I figure there were 9 decreases in which I decreased every other row. If I decreased every third row instead, that would give me 9 extra rows in the length of my sleeve cap. Then I can just knit 3 rows even and the problem would be solved. Let's see how this theory plays out.

Here is a picture of my sad sleeve.

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