Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fuschia (kiddy) Cap

I was aiming to finish my Fuschia Cabled Earflap Hat last night. It didn't dawn on me that I should finish it, until about 3 hours into watching episodes of Love & HipHop from my DVR. I had one more episode to go when I got to the crown decreases. So, I just followed the directions and carried on.

Something in my mind said that the hat looked a bit small as I was doing my decreases. However, I just decided to trust the pattern and carry on.

To make the long story short...I got so caught up in the reality TV drama, that I didn't realize I was creating my own drama. I tried on my hat and it was waaaay too small. Actually, the circumference is spot on. But, the length just doesn't cut it. I should have stuck to my formula of "knit 6.5 inches before decreasing". I mean, did I really expect the hat to fit over all these curls? Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a do-over. Check out my kiddy cap.

This actually has nothing to do with the way the pattern is written. I am taking a pattern written for a child, and adapting it to an adult noggin. What's adaptation without a few tweaks here and there? I will undo the decreases and add 2 more inches to the hat. Stay tuned.

Knitting is fun. I am laughing at this. Just as I laughed at the reality TV women who find sport in throwing glasses of tasty wine while they don high heels and tube tops. I'm so glad I have a hobby to keep me out of trouble. Hmmmmm. I may need that wine to help me rip out the mistake rows.


Beth said...

Perhaps you could just convert it into a cabled tube top and grab some wine? Tee hee!

Shameka said...

Beth, you are hilarious. You can drink wine with me anytime.