Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ella's journey to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC.

I had a conversation with Melissa from Noni designs. I can't remember it verbatim, but it went a little something like this.

M: Nora and I will be in NYC the weekend of the 14th. It would be cool if we could meet up and go to La Casita. (she knows this is my favorite yarn store)
S: Yes, La Casita would be wonderful.  They have a Friday night knitting group.  It would be perfect.
M: Great!  I can't wait.
S: What are you doing Saturday?  You know Vogue Knitting Live is happening, right?  It would be awesome.  You can show off Ella, and we can get more people to join in this wonderful KAL.  I can even walk around with you, and model Ella for everyone to see.  It would be awesome.  

A few days later, here we are.   

Shameka in Nora's Blue Ella

It was so much fun walking through the crowd and talking to the wonderful knitters at VK Live, and seeing their excitement over the coat.  Then, when they realized it was the fabulous Nora Bellows who designed so many gorgeous bags at they got even more excited.  " I made your bag" "I made your flowers" "I'm so excited to meet you, can I give you a hug?".  Instantly, I whipped out my Iphone, and started inviting people to the Ella KAL Group on Ravelry (I love technology).  

The KAL starts tomorrow, so don't hesitate to make a decision.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS COAT!  The sizes range from a 32 bust to a 52 bust, and the A-line skirt is perfect for many shapes.  You create the bodice, then pick up stitches and knit the skirt from the waist down, so you can make it as long as you want.  Nora will be adding little variations to the design on her BLOG, and will post every Monday to keep us on track. 

How Ella Fits:
The drape is absolutely beautiful. It is neither too tight, nor too loose.  It makes me feel very pretty and girly.  I thought of doing a Tour J'ete with this exciting declaration of beautiful femeninity I had on.  Yes, I did feel extremely feminine in traditional "boy" colors.  But, it's the embodiment of the sweater that makes you feel that way.  The fabric makes you feel very warm and snuggly.  Most snuggly sweaters feel a bit frumpy, but Ella is hip, cute, and dare I say Sexy.  I love it! 

After Vogue Knitting live, we went to an Indian restaurant nearby.  Nora sat next to me and we discussed pattern writing, color theory, knitting techniques, and yarn selection.  She even hand-wound a perfect Golden Yarn Egg.  I think it's a lot cuter than a yarn Cake. 

Nora, Ella, and the Golden Yarn Egg!

Nora and the Golden Yarn Egg
A closer view.  It's perfect!
 Nora is such a talented designer.  She gave me a little insight on the upcoming project that she has, and I got a glimpse of how much research went in to creating her unique patterns.  I must say I was blown away.  As soon as I have permission to talk more about it, I will. Trust me, you will be blown away as well. 

It was an honor to spend such an amazing weekend with Nora and Melissa. Noni Designs Rocks!

Cast-On time is in less than a day. Is your Ella ready to be created?

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I must admit, it's coffee first this morning--THEN cast on :) I'm so excited!