Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There is a baby (blanket) brewing!

I recently visited my friend who is pregnant.  We discussed the trials and tribulations of having this female reproductive system, and how it can be both a gift and a curse.  She loves her baby dearly, and in doing so, has been instructed to lay in a bed for the remaining few weeks of her pregnancy.  She has had to endure painful shots to help the baby develop, mediocre hospital food, nurses who are sometimes nice, and at other times total airheads, and a roommate whose language is so horrid that I am tempted to throw a dictionary at her.  Oh my gosh!  All these things happened in this past weekend. I don't even want to imagine what happened before. 

I think she deserves a break, and something really nice.  So, I asked her what color she wanted to use for the baby (who is such a cutie, based on the doppler ultrasound).  Purple.  So, my mind started thinking about what was in my stash.

When I got home, I thought Yowza - Whatta Skein.   Miss Babs - "A Day at the Bubblegum Shop" colorway
MissBabs - Yowza Whatta Skein

I immediately casted on for the Mirabilis pattern.  This yarn has almost an identical yardage amount as specified in the pattern. It is superwash, and soooooo soft.  Also, my friend Daniel designed it.  So, what's not to love about it?

Here is the blanket after it got too big for Double Pointed Needles.  I transferred it to a 16" circular.
365.2011.50 - Bubblegum Baby Blanket

When that got too small, I transferred it to a 47" circular.
Bubblegum Mirabilis Day 2

The blanket is currently 25% complete.  As the blankie grows stitch by stitch, the baby grows cell by cell.  Hang on little one.  You will be here soon, and the blanket will be ready!

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Deborah said...

Your friend is truly blessed to have you as a friend. The blanket will be well loved. Hooray for stash knitting too!