Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Deep V Argyle Pictures

I decided to take some pictures of my Deep V Argyle Vest that were a little bit lighter.  Overall, I loved this pattern.  I sewed the steeks before cutting, and that part wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  The fit is great, and I am very proud of my work.  I am even more proud of the fact that I finished a serious garment in less than a month.  Wow! 

NaKniSweMo Sweater Done - 4

NaKniSweMo Sweater Done - Back

V Neck

Here is the next project that I am trying to complete.  It is part of my 10 in 2010 projects that I started last January.  It has been hibernating waaaaaay too long.  This was supposed to be a project that I finished in less than 1 month.  Somehow I got sidetracked...sigh.  Well, it was 36 degrees outside last night, so if that isn't a reason to hurry up and finish a knit sweater, I don't know what is. When I read the directions, I realized that I have to purl 148 rows, then do the bottom edge pattern on the ends of the sleeves.  No shaping at all.  So, why didn't I just finish this before?  This is mindless purling.  Hopefully I can knock this out in a few nights watching some Netflix movies. Once the sleeves are complete, I will use the remainding yarn to add a little length to the bottom border of the sweater. 

Vaila_Sleeve Beginnings


brown said...


nice looking awesome

craftivore said...

The V Argyle fits like a dream! I think you can bang out what's left of that other sweater before 2010 is done. Go Shameka Go!

Shameka said...

@ Craftivore
I still have another sweater to finish once this is done. Heaven, help me!

chicagopurl said...

Really cute! Your niece here in Chicago loves it too! Oh, and love the dark blow dried look! You are rockin' chica!

R said...

yooooooooooooooooo!! that vest is sick! you need to start taking orders