Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Floppy Silk

I had joined the earflaps of my snowboarder hat, and completed 1 round of the pattern.  But to me, it looked kind of floppy. The pattern initially called for chunky yarn on size 10.5 needles.  I used Paton's SWS yarn, because I saw a few other people on Ravelry use it successfully.  However, the material reminded me of....... GASP!  ..... Lace!    Not sturdy as a cabled hat should be.  I could see some semblence of space between my stitches. The truth was, it really should have been knit on size 9 needles, which in my mind is optimal for this yarn.  I was too lazy to do test swatches, and math to see if it would fit an adult head if it was knitted on a smaller needle.  Let's just assume that the answer is "NO" and that the hat would be perfect for my little 2 year old cousin.  Seriously, a hat doesn't need to be so much work.  So, off to the frog pond this piece of silky flop goes.  Farewell my dear friend. 

Holiday Party Hat

Immediately after the frog, I casted on THIS!

Thermis_6th repeat

I decided to make a Thermis for the gift exchange instead of the hat.  Who doesn't love a Neckwarmer?  I am using Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Iris Heather.  The color really looks beautiful if you take a picture of it with no flash.  I am about 65% complete.  This has been my subway knitting for the past 2 days.  I love the way people look at how fast my hands are moving, like I am some kind of alien or something.  When I feel them watching me, I quickly glance up at them, sometimes staring intently, while I just keep on knitting.  I am sure that confuses them even more.  How can she knit and not look at her knitting???  LOL!  Then they embarassingly look away as if to say "Damn, she caught me staring".

I haven't neglected my Vaila.  I knit on it last night while watching Vampire Diaries that I had taped on my DVR.  Currently, the sleeve is 7 inches long.  I still have 100 more rounds to go before I can start the edging pattern.  Ugh!  This purling is driving me crazy.  I have tried the Norwegian Purl method, but I am still very slow with it.  So, back to regular purling I go. 


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craftivore said...

Vaila is looking killer! Thermis is a great choice for your swap, which I desperately wish I was going to. Though it would be hard to put down xmas knitting to knit something for a swap.