Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Do Not Have A Knitting Problem

I used to belong to a Meetup Group called Sit N' Knit, and I absolutely adored it.  Then, Sit N'Knit took a seat in the Ravelry car, and a new driver gassed up the Meetup car and changed the name to KTog.  Sadly, I haven't been able to make it to much of the meetings, because of the countless hours that I am at work.  The fact that I work across the street from the World Financial Center (where they have hosted some meetings) doesn't help either, because they usually host it on a Wednesday when I have my time with the members of The Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Knit and Crochet Group.  So, FINALLY an opportunity to go to a meeting has presented itself.  I am so excited that they are having a Holiday party on the 11th of this month. 

So, the most exciting part of this Holiday party is the gift exchange.  The rules are, I must make it myself, and the yarn must be from stash.  So, I have been searching through my stash, and found some Patons SWS that I like.  I have always loved the softness that this yarn knits up with.  I am using the Natural colorway to make the "Snowboarder Hat that Rocks" from Irishgirlknits.  I love the name of her blog - We Do Not Have A Knitting Problem!  No it isn't a problem at all.  It's a solution!  To boredome and insanity!!!  Praise the high heavens for knitting!

So, truthfully I feel that I can talk about this gift openly on the blog for three reasons.
  1. I haven't been to the meetings in so long, that I am sure very few members know me enough to be perusing my blog every day.
  2. If by some small chance someone who will be at the party does see it, they will see the pretty hat that is in the works, instantly fall in love with it, and get excited about the shear chance in winning the said hat.
  3. In the end, everyone will be very happy! 
Since I hate to post without pictures . . .   Here is a picture of what I bought today. 
365.??? - Who wants to help me Driink all this coffee?
Starbucks had a buy 1 get 1 free deal for a pound of the Christmas blend coffee.  I also though the mugs were so cute.  Does anyone wanna help me drink all of this ??? 


craftivore said...

The holiday gift exchange sounds like such fun! I wish I could go to one of your knit nights too.

Tawana said...

I'll help you drink it! I love the mugs. Isn't a heffa holiday the same day?

Shameka said...

@ Tawana - I think A Heffa Holiday is the day before. Either way, I can't make it because I work until 7. Arrrgghh!!!

@ Craftivore - If you ever come to New York again, I will MAKE a knit night for you. Even if its just Me, You, Deb, and Kim (Like the good ol' days).

Harlem Purl said...

You'll know ME! I'll be at the party.

Shameka said...

@ Harlem Purl... I just changed the pattern, in case you were getting all excited. Sadly, it's not green, but it is still beautiful nonetheless. I will post more pictures soon.