Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sock Mojo!!!

So, I was happily knitting along with my Jaywalkers and then a problem occured. I tried them on, and they were not snug around my skinny ankles. I was so annoyed. I used a size 1 knitpicks needles, so what was the problem??? Well, knitpicks size 1 needles come in 2.25mm and 2.50mm sizes. Apparently, I have been knitting the smaller version of the pattern with the 2.50mm size. On Ravelry, everyone else knitting with KP Felici is using the 2.25mm size. And, their results look nice and snug, and great. So, to the frog pond I must go. AArrgghh!!!.... there goes 1 week of travel knitting down the drain. Look at how far I got? Well, at least I remember the pattern offhand. Hey, at least trying again is better than droopy socks. Who wants elephant ankles??

On another note, I have been preparing for the Summer of Socks. I have also been practicing using my camera along with my budget lightbox that I created from the Strobist's blog. I actually like the picture results. Hey, it sure beats spending $100 on photography equipment.

So, in order to get myself ready for the Summer of Socks, I decided to split my skeins down the middle to make knitting 2 at a time possible. Did I say that I am loving the 2 at a time Magic Loop technique? Pictures below are the Sit N Knit limited edition colorway from the Plucky knitter. I won it during the SNK raffle at the logo party a while back. Next to that is Lorna's Laces in Bittersweet. In the front is Socks That Rock in the Mustang Sally colorway. I plan to make Nutkins with those. Also, I must add that STR has a lot of weight to it. 81 grams per sock, as opposed to 50 grams for other sock yarns. Hmmm... I may be able to get some baby socks out of it too. We will see.

This bittersweet treat was a gift from Tawana. As a token of my gratitude, I started to make some personalized stitch markers for her. I will take pics of those tomorrow.
It has been 41 days since my self-imposed ban on buying yarn. I am still getting tempted. WEBS tent sale is this weekend, my car is tuned up and running like new, and the GPS is all ready to go. Too bad I already made plans for the weekend. I have a lot of friends visiting from out of town. But if you can get to Massachusetts, by all means, enjoy yourself. I promise, I won't stalk you with jealous hissing.


Deborah said...

Yup. Those half size needles will get ya sometimes. At least you figured it out now. Maybe you should wait until June 21st to restart them so they will count for SOS? I know you got another sock needing attention. LOL Just a tiny thought. Good job on keeping up with the no yarn purchases.

Kim said...

Bummer about the Jaywalker fiasco. I love all your lovely sock yarn. You really are gettin gready for SOS. Don't burn out before June 21.

Virtuous said...

Gurl you are seriously on a sock roll!

I need to check out the Summer of Socks as when I tried the website was just spinning...ugh