Saturday, May 12, 2007

Falling in Love

I would like to personally thank Nancy and Chante for allowing me to Fall in Love again. I have seen their excitement over the Falling In Love sock from Magknits this past Tuesday at our sit and knit.

I went to work Wednesday, printed out the pattern, and it was staring at me all day. Thursday, I tried to find the yarn online, then I realized that I didn't want to wait a week for shipping, as the pattern was still stalking me, and would not leave me alone. Friday, the pattern was taunting me so much that I decided to go to Seaport Yarn, and get a skein of Jitterbug in Lagoon-138. It is the same gauge, and really soft, and machine washable. Woohoo!! Actually, Seaport has 10% off of all sock yarns this May, so I thought it was justifiable.

Now that we know each other very well, and are keeping it real, I am not embarassed to say I ran out of work and raced to the place in 3 inch heels. I was trying to get there before they close at 6, and I ran the equivalent of 2 stops on the 4 train... because I didn't want to deal with the MTA slowing me down. For us New Yorkers, I know I am making total sense here. For people outside of New York... well, you just have to come here and experience being on the express train and seeing the local train get to the destination first. It is super annoying... and then we all wonder why we are so uptight. Don't worry... I will take it slow when I am knitting my socks.

So, thank you Nancy and Chante for making me increase my stash one more time. Nancy, you are very diligent about not increasing your stash... but I do remember seeing somewhere that we will not be penalized for sock yarn. I am planning on using size 1 two circular needle method. So, I think now we have a Tri-Borough KAL from the BX... to Bklyn. Does anyone from Queens want to join in???? Chante, I may need help on the two circulars, since this is my first attempt at it, and it is my first lace pattern, and you have me terrified about the K4TOG.


Harlem Purl said...

Yay!, I'm so glad you'll be joining us. Scratch that, because I think Nancy's love just got a little deferred. I'm almost done with mine but I may have to rip out the heel and do it over. Don't worry about the knit 4 togethers. It's working out just fine with the new revisions.

Necia said...

I'm knitting this too thanks to Chante. I'm about finished with one sock and not looking forward to the next. I'm repping JC and I'm not sure I'm falling in love, but I'm still playing.


Nancy said...

My love has been deferred, sniff sniff:( but I'll come back to it with a solid color yarn. The lovely lace was getting far too lost in the STR that I was using.