Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Knitting on the R train

This is just a funny story.

I was on the R train today, traveling to 59th street and 5th Avenue. My mom and I were on our way to a really nice restaurant for dinner. So, being that I had a few minutes to spare, I picked up my knitting. I am trying to finish my Central Park Hoodie before they start to turn on the AC in my office on full blast for the summer. So, my mom says "Ugh... I know you're not about to start knitting now, are you?" I just looked at her and said "Do I embarass you?" Let me remind you that this is a woman that I dragged to a yarn store for company, and she ended up buying $100 worth of yarn, and now wants a hat, mobious scarf, and shawl to wear when her office AC is on blast at subzero temperatures. I just rolled my eyes and proceeded to knit. Now, I have heard of teenage daughters being embarassed of their moms knitting while they are at play rehearsals, or sports practice. But never have I heard of a mother being embarassed about a twenty-something year old daughter doing something constructive in her life such as knitting.

So, while I am knitting, I averted my eyes to other people on the train (because when you knit as much as I do, you don't even have to look at the fabric while you do it). Then I heard the angels singing from heaven. Guess what I saw??? A man sitting across from me, a few seats down.....knitting a small red garter-stitch square. He was concentrating so hard, and kept stopping and counting, and studying his piece. I knew he had to be a beginner, but he ws so diligent at it, that I really admired him. I said to my mom "Look, I have a knitting buddy on the train". At the next stop, a woman sat next to him, looked at him while he was transfixed in the knitting zone, then she looked at me. We locked eyes, and she smiled. So, I smiled back. It is really nice to know that someone was intrigued!!! LOL. Now I know that my mother does love me dearly, and I love her too. I will just chalk it up to her not understanding the Joy of Knitting. Don't worry, I will have her doing it pretty soon. I gave her a step-by-step dissertation on the purl stitch this morning while we were on the bus. She chose to sit next to me, so she had no choice but to listen. Haha!!!


Nancy said...

LOL great story. Mom needs to get with the program!

Harlem Purl said...

Like you told me before, at least your not out there smoking crack or something.

We still on for Friday?

Shameka said...

Harlem Purl,
Yes we are still on for Friday. Should I bring some food? I am thinking about some jerk chicken from a store near my house, since I plan to go home to get the car first. It is not hot... unless you put the sauce on. So my little best friend can have some too. Tell me what you think. So, are we knitting, beading, or both??? I am just so excited.

Tawana said...

LoL, Your mom sounds like my sister! I am still trying to get her to pick up some sticks!

Shameka said...

My mom thinks that she is too young to be knitting. She thinks it's for "old ladies". So, what does that make me???? I am a few years shy of being half her age. Whatever!!!! She is an undercover muggle who secretly wants to get out. We'll show her!!!! I guarantee that by next year, she will change her tune. Now, if we can just get the soap operas to stop being broadcast, we will make some headway.