Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falling in Love part 2

I casted on my Falling in Love socks using the Magic Cast-on for Toe-Up socks as seen in Knitty.

I began with 9 stitches on each needle, and increased by knitting in the front and the back of the second stitch, and second-to-last stitch on each of the two needles.

Here is the count of 31 stitches on each needle.

Now it is time to start the cable and lace pattern. Stay tuned......

Chante and Nancy, thank you for the inspiration to start this sock. Nancy, I really think you should fall back in love again. I think the color of this Jitterbug yarn will work with this pattern.

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Harlem Purl said...

I perfer to do my toes the same way. Lookin good. I just finished my heel and now I'm doing the gusset decreases. I'll update my blog this week so you guys can see the progress.