Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A WIP and a Swatch ... For Rhinebeck

I completed the sock from last week. Woohooooo! I just need to Kitchener Stitch it.  Hmmmmmm where did I put my Chibi needles?  

I will find them eventually. However, I didn't want to be stricken with Second Sock Syndrome, so I started sock #2. I haven't made it to the heel flap yet, but I should get there soon. In about 8 more rows.

Wait a minute!!!!  Something more important has come up.  Rhinebeck is in about 6 weeks and I need 2 sweaters. Eeeeeek!!!!  Let the madness begin. 

I started swatching on size 7 needles. Initially, I felt like the fabric was a little too loose. 

So, then I tried using size 6 needles above the eyelets, but I'm not seeing a considerable difference. 

I feel like the size 7 swatch is actually better.  So, now that I am more content with the fabric, I need to work out the gauge issues. The pattern calls for 18sts/inch. I'm getting 20. Sigh!!!!  I may have to knit a size other than medium to compensate for that. But this sweater is so pretty, a little math will be worth it. 

The pattern is called Fickle heart by Justine Lorkowska.   I have a soft spot for cozy cabled sweaters. 

The good news is, the ribbing is picked up from a provisional cast on. So, in the event that my row gauge is off, I can add length there.  

Also, I haven't washed my swatch yet, so that can have an impact as well.  

More on that soon. In the meantime, happy knitting!!!! 

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