Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A New WIP This Wednesday

During the last post, I had a plan for a sock, but no idea what yarn I was going to choose. Thankfully, between Instagram, my Knatural Purls knitting group, and my mom, we were able to pick a color. 

Cloudy Sunrise by Peepaloofields. You can check out her yarns on Etsy.

So, I started (without a gauge swatch) and I assumed that because her other sock yarn that I used was fluffy, and called for 56 sts on my size 1 needles, this must be the same. 

I casted on. 

I got home after work like "yeah, I got this".
Then, I tried it on and the heel flap wasn't long enough, and it was too tight. I just ripped it out. Didn't cry about it. I just pulled the needles out because I knew it was inevitable. 

So, I started again with 64 stitches, and that made the difference. The heel flap was wide enough, and everything was right in the world.  

I traveled to Citi Field on Sunday to enjoy Stitch N Pitch, and I couldn't find my Mets T Shirt, so I wore this instead. 
KNITTING IS SEXY. If you didn't know, now you know.

So, through sweating profusely, trying to drink anything I could get my hands on, running from a crazy out of nowhere thunderstorm, and wiping down wet seats to see the end of the game ..... I managed to turn my heel. 

I chilled with Ladybean73 who knits so she doesn't choke people. 

I also ran into Amy who runs the blog 
The last time I saw her was during her wedding, before she became a mommy. It was a-freaking-mazing to see her again. We made plans for me to come over and hug the babies. Of course there will be knitting and crochet involved as well. She loves, loves, loves crocheting.  

So, I worked on the gusset on the train ride home. My Mekamika neon heart stitch marker decided that it wanted to join the Rose City Rollers party. 

I am currently on the long stretch to get to the toe. 

The best part is, it fits!!! Yaaaaay!!! 

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