Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Fitting Tight vs. Fitting Right

I have been making good progress on my Grandpa Cardigan. I got to the point where I am 1 cable cross away from starting the ribbing.

But all that glitters isn't always gold. I decided to try it on and was not entirely happy with the result. 

If I can see the imprint of my arm, it is definitely too tight. Eeeeeek.

So, here I am faced with inevitably having to rip out 3 days worth of knitting. I seriously need to finish this sweater by October 17th. And when I say finished, I mean all of the finishing. It must be completely ready for Rhinebeck. 

I had 1 more skein that I used to complete the ribbing of the body. I decided to use that to cast on the other sleeve in the bigger size. 

I actually have made it to the shaping portion of the sleeve now. I feel like it's smooth sailing from here because it actually fits correctly now. 

Another project on the needles..... The scarf for J. 

I sent him this picture and he is happy with the progress. This is almost to the end of skein # 2.  I have been lucky enough to have a skein that began with the same color as the skein that ended. A little water and friction from my hands joined them together seamlessly. You gotta love natural fibers. 

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