Sunday, October 12, 2014

Socktober Sundays - NYC Yarn Crawl

Today, I met with Tawana (Carmelnap on Ravelry) to go on the NYC yarn shop excursion. 

Our main mission......SOCK YARN

Our first stop was Knitty City. I decided to drive, and it took us forever to get there because the police blocked off traffic going across town, due to a parade. Ugh. 

So, when we finally got there I was so relieved. I felt a sense of calm, being surrounded by all of the glorious yarn. 

There was a 40% off bin, and I saw this color that stood out to me. 

It's merino wool goodness, and I love the color. 

I initially went looking for MadelineTosh's Tosh Sock Yarn in Holi Festival. However, that yarn flies off the shelf like nobody's business. One of the lovely staff members found me a suitable replacement. 

Julie Asselin's Nanos in the Shortcake colorway. It was dubbed "unicorn skin" by one of the lovely staff members at Knitty City. I think it's a cute name. It's made is Merino, Cashmere, and Nylon. This blend is turning into one of my favorites already. 

Our next journey lead us to the new pop-up shop Gauge & Tension. I got there 5 minutes before closing because of stupid traffic on the BQE. However, the owners were very gracious to have us there an made us feel very welcomed. 

The best part was, I got to meet Kristin of the Yarngasm podcast (Voolenvine on Ravelry). I have been a podcast junkie lately, and her podcast is one of my favorites. I feel like I know so much about her, and it was great to actually meet her in person. She is super sweet. 
And of course I had to purchase some of her beautiful hand dyed yarns. The funny thing is, I knew most of the colorways without even looking at the labels. My memory from the podcast is better than I thought. Haha. 

The first color that I picked up is Reflektor. 
This looked like grey and white on screen, but in person there are these light blue pops of color. It's a far cry away from my warm pink tones, but it's a color I couldn't resist. The fiber content is a blend of Merino and Stellina. I love love love the sparkle. My first sock ever was a sparkle yarn, and I got second sock syndrome and never completed the second one. This will gladly replace that. 

The next color is something I drooled over when I first saw it on Instagram. The Wool & Wine Collection's "Malbec". 
I currently have this obsession with anything remotely close to Oxblood, so this just did it for me. The fiber content is Merino, Cashmere, and Nylon. Once again, my new favorite. I am contemplating making Owlie socks with this yarn. I have to make it to the bead store to get a suitable color for the owl eyes. 

So, now that you have seen my yarn goodies.....a proper sock update is due.
I made some progress on Révolté. 

I tried it on and felt a little funny about it. 

I feel like it's too big. It's laying on my feet instead of stretching over my feet. 
I initially used size 1.5 ( 2.5mm) needles. I also noticed that my knitting is looser on DPN's than magic loop. 

So, I decided to start the other half of the skein with the size 1 (2.25mm) needle. 
I have to knit a few more inches before I actually try it on though. 

While I was knitting with the Knitter' Pride  needles, a piece of one of the needles chipped off. 
I found this to be very strange and unexpected. 
I'm not sure if it's worth contacting the yarn company for a replacement. I will just carry on with the knitting in the meantime. 

Aside from my sock knitting, I have been stuck on sleeve island with my Rhinebeck  sweater. I try to knit a few rows every chance I get. I have finished all of the decreases on one sleeve, and I'm a few inches shy of starting the cuff. I'm just hoping I can cast on the other sleeve in the proper size tomorrow. I am trying to give myself time to complete the button band as well. Rhinebeck is less than a week away. 

Happy Knitting everyone. 


Amanda May said...

Oooh pretty yarns! :D I like the colours in your sock too.

Shameka said...

Amanda May, thank you so much. The pictures don't do the yarn justice, but I tried my best. Those sock colors spoke to me.