Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday - JOJI Fall KAL Update

Today is Wednesday, so I decided to post an update on my Work in Progress.  The Grandpa Cardigan.  I am aiming to have it completed in time for Rhinebeck on October 18th.  This gives me about a month to complete it.  I am not trying to be sewing on buttons at the last minute. I just don't roll like that anymore.  I am more mature now, and more in control of managing my knitting time.

My days are spent knitting my sweater in the early afternoon before work.  During my transit time, I work on hexipuffs.  Knitting 2 different projects during the day is the only way I can see that they will ever get done.  

Here is my sweater.  I made it past the second waist shaping decrease row.  I have a few more rows to go before I start the increasing, and then complete the rest of the body.  This is the 5th skein attached (I think).  I may have lost count, but I feel like I will have enough to complete my sweater.  I'm actually looking forward to starting the sleeves, because there is this short row sleeve technique that I am excited to try.  I love it when a pattern challenges me to do new things.  

So, without further adieu, here is my sweater. I love it.  

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