Monday, August 11, 2014

Not Your Grandfather's Sweater.

I recently joined Joji's Fall KAL 2014, and it came just in time for me to pick the perfect Rhinebeck sweater. I was contemplating for a while. I didn't want a pullover, in case I got too hot. I didn't want anything that was loads of stockinette, because I would get bored easily. I didn't want to have too many seams, because that has set me back many times before. So, I was looking at the different sweaters that Joji has, and the Grandpa Sweater jumped out at me.

It is seamlessly knit from the shoulders down, and the cables are written in the sense where there are different cables for each size. She has loads of clear charts in her pattern pages. I actually prefer working with charts, instead of reading words in sentence form. I tend to lose where I am in the sentence mid-row.

So, I ordered my yarn from Knitpicks. Capra DK in the Regal colorway. It is 85% Merino Wool and 15% Cashmere. It's a hand wash type of wool, but that is just fine with me. I don't throw my handknits into the washer anyway.

As I started to knit, my fingers began to feel hot. I don't now if it's because it is August now, but I was just knitting with MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light, and it didn't feel as hot. Hopefully, this is a good indication that I will have a really warm sweater this winter.

My swatch knit up to the pattern's gauge, so I ended it at 2 inches. I was too excited to start this project, I lost patience. I really doubt it will bite me in the end.

So, along with that precious yarn, I also acquired a major stash enhancement during Knit Pick's sale.

I ordered all of the rest of the colored yarn that I need for my Hexipuff blanket. There were a few colors that were of low quantity, and I didn't want them to run out and not be able to complete my blanket's design. So, I just need to buy 8 more skeins of the grey color, and I will be all set. I will wait for another sale. Haha!

I also ordered a book and a magazine, as they were 40% off. I started having this lace frenzy, and saw projects in each of these that I liked.

The first is Knitscene Accessories.

I found a hat and cowl set in there that is just divine. I purchased Gloss DK in the Sweetheart colorway to go with it.

There is also a chunky cabled wrap that I am contemplating....

The book purchase is Lace One Skein Wonders. I saw this book at Purl Soho the day I bought the Tosh Merino Light. So when I saw the sale price, I couldn't resist.

Here are a few styles from the book that I am contemplating knitting. It all depends on the yardage of what is in my stash. At the current moment, I am banned from acquiring any more yarn.

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