Saturday, August 9, 2014

Elephants, Owls, and Hearts

I am gearing up to start a Rhinebeck Sweater as ell as a few lace projects. When knitting these very intense projects, the most important thing isn't the yarn or the gauge. It's all about the stitch markers. Yes, having sizing is hugely important. But, keeping track of your stitches could be the difference between finishing a garment or note getting through a lace portion enough to make something you can actually try on.

On Friday night, after work, I decided to walk a few blocks over to the Bead shop on Broadway. There are a few of them in the area, but this one particular shop had something that tickled my fancy. NEON Charms. Squeeeee!!! They are so cute.

This is my haul.

I immediately got to work. I had some Swarovski beads leftover from jewelry projects that I have worked on years ago. My tools were still in pretty good shape, and I had a good amount of wire leftover as well.

So, here are my stitch markers.

Elephants, Owls, and Hearts

Love Emojis


And more Love

Purple Elephants

Diamante Keys

I went a little overboard and made quite a bit, but it will surely be put to good use. You can never have too many stitch markers.

These stitch markers rings are shown here on a DK weight size 7 needle, but they can comfortably fit up to a 10.5 needle for Chunky projects.

I made some for my friend Ceci. She absolutely loves owls.

I also made a set for another friend after she saw them posted on Facebook, and immediately put in her request.

And last, but not least, I put them on my current Infinity Scarf project. I absolutely love the neon colors. Stephen West said he likes a pop of color, with more pops added to the pop. I agree. This whole thing is poppin'.

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